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(edit) @1774   12 years acosce Try to make archive_restart executable
(edit) @1773   12 years acosce We delet *jnl* files from the listing
(edit) @1769   12 years acosce Bugfix : correct the name (add day in datebegin and dateend) of …
(edit) @1768   12 years aclsce Fixed some bugs.
(edit) @1767   12 years acosce We will not manage run.card and Script_Output files
(edit) @1766   12 years aclsce Modified to take into account new name of listfiles.
(edit) @1765   12 years acosce Change name of list to pack to be compatible with enlarge part
(edit) @1764   12 years acosce Add directory Exe to copy directly on storedir
(edit) @1763   12 years acosce Add case of out_gcm.e --> now tar in DEBUG directory
(edit) @1755   12 years acosce Change name for list of restart and debug to tar (now with Jobname)
(edit) @1754   12 years acosce in (for ccrt/tgcc mig) : 1- correct a bug on list …
(edit) @1753   12 years acosce Correct a little bug in create_config (mig ccrt/tgcc)
(edit) @1752   12 years aclsce Adapted enlarge tool to work with tar lists and cp lists.
(edit) @1736   12 years acosce Pack_ipsl : change name of files list to copy
(edit) @1731   12 years acosce make some change on analyse-atlas-monito list
(edit) @1730   12 years acosce - create a list to copy for $JobName_Bands_... files
(edit) @1729   12 years omamce Fonction DEM_write_state : gestion du verrou (.lock) dans le cas ou …
(edit) @1728   12 years acosce - add creation of debug list - standardization of lists name
(edit) @1727   12 years aclsce Cleaning.
(edit) @1726   12 years acosce Scripts ccrt to tgcc create directories where we can store file lists to …
(edit) @1725   12 years acosce Correct a bug in find_size_pack (script ccrt to tgcc) there is no need to …
(edit) @1723   12 years acosce We delete link files from the listing
(edit) @1717   12 years aclsce - Added scripts "" and "". - …
(edit) @1716   12 years acosce if there are no output in the simulation (ex: create_etat0_limit …
(edit) @1715   12 years acosce Correct the particular case for lmdz simulation with create_etat0_limit
(edit) @1714   12 years acosce If a simulation has a size less than 1Go we tar it
(edit) @1713   12 years acosce Add the creation of the listing by the scripts ( Now …
(edit) @1711   12 years aclsce Fixed a small bug
(add) @1709   12 years acosce Add tool pack used for ccrt/tgcc migration
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