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(edit) @2433   9 years labetoulle cleaning
(edit) @2432   9 years labetoulle Add script to plot running and pending jobs
(edit) @2431   9 years labetoulle Add script to plot running and pending jobs
(edit) @2430   9 years labetoulle Use project name instead of 'GENCMIP6' in plot titles
(edit) @2429   9 years labetoulle typo
(edit) @2428   9 years labetoulle - Process directory size without unit, => in bytes (from du -h) - Typos
(edit) @2427   9 years labetoulle Move common functions to common module
(edit) @2426   9 years labetoulle Check exit status
(edit) @2425   9 years labetoulle Save daily plots on WORK
(edit) @2424   9 years labetoulle Fix typos
(edit) @2423   9 years labetoulle Comments and cleaning in
(edit) @2422   9 years labetoulle add script to load python module and launch everything
(edit) @2421   9 years labetoulle copy plots on dods
(edit) @2420   9 years labetoulle plot daily consumption instead of cumulative total
(edit) @2417   9 years labetoulle put all path definitions in a seperate file
(edit) @2413   9 years labetoulle Move all scripts to the same dir to use common configuration files
(edit) @2412   9 years labetoulle add ccc_myproject python parsing script
(edit) @2411   9 years labetoulle Add ConsoGENCMIP6 tools
(edit) @2185   10 years acosce Add some script for batch submission of surpack tools
(edit) @2173   10 years omamce O.M. : replace one grep by a loop. Needed for big experiments with lot of …
(edit) @2172   10 years jgipsl Updated with correct path at storedir.
(edit) @2171   10 years jgipsl Copied files for interpolating nudging files for LMDZ. These files were …
(edit) @2166   10 years acosce fixe a bug to calcul the new size for a pack
(edit) @2162   10 years acosce Correct a bug and add a new list (files that we will not pack)
(edit) @2161   10 years acosce Add option -h to SaveNewSimuPack?
(edit) @2160   10 years acosce Some update on surpack tools 1) add a script to move new pack on store …
(edit) @2149   10 years acosce make some corrections
(edit) @2147   10 years acosce remove this file (lev axis was invert)
(edit) @2146   10 years acosce * make some correction in prepare_aerosol_climato_annuel * is …
(edit) @2141   10 years acosce Add job to create aerosol file use by lmdz from inca output
(edit) @2139   10 years acosce Correct the name of restart archive to fit with libIGCM standard
(edit) @2138   10 years acosce fix a bug in archive_debug for surpack tool
(edit) @2136   10 years acosce add new tools allows packing simulation alreaddy pack (so pack with a …
(edit) @2135   10 years acosce Error in adding new pack_ipsl
(edit) @2134   10 years acosce error in adding This line, and those below, will be ignored-- D …
(edit) @2133   10 years acosce New tools allows packing simulation already pack (so pack with a bigger …
(edit) @2130   10 years acosce Fix two bug in find_size_pack 1- the calcul for the PackFrequency? was …
(edit) @2120   10 years acosce Add to script to debug some problems create by pack_ipsl : Somes files …
(edit) @2064   10 years aclsce Added functionnality to modify maximum number of tries
(edit) @2057   10 years aclsce Added script to evaluate nb of inodes which will be created on store and …
(edit) @2051   10 years aclsce Fixed a bug
(edit) @2045   10 years acosce made some modifications to speed up archive restart and debug process
(edit) @2038   11 years aclsce Fixed bug
(edit) @2035   11 years aclsce Modified to speed up the script.
(edit) @2033   11 years aclsce "check=no" : now it is not needed to do double check anymore.
(edit) @2028   11 years aclsce Not committed the good modif.
(edit) @2027   11 years aclsce Fixed some bugs (very small bugs).
(edit) @2023   11 years aclsce Added option to use "-c" batch parameter.
(edit) @2022   11 years aclsce Added check if file exist to fix small bug.
(edit) @2011   11 years aclsce Reduced the verbose level
(edit) @2010   11 years aclsce Modified to go faster.
(edit) @2009   11 years aclsce Bug fixed.
(edit) @1993   11 years aclsce Modified to add variable "LandPoints?" to not use in case of double check.
(edit) @1989   11 years brocksce How to produce example_01.svg
(edit) @1988   11 years brocksce Add an SVG example produced by
(edit) @1987   11 years brocksce Add a example list of runcards
(edit) @1986   11 years brocksce Add last version of the script
(edit) @1985   11 years brocksce Add directory to host scripts to plot runcards
(edit) @1979   11 years acosce bug fixe : there was a problem in the reading of date end for debug list
(edit) @1978   11 years aclsce Fixed bbugs
(edit) @1962   11 years aclsce Fixed some bugs.
(edit) @1928   11 years aclsce Added handling of error status for Job submission
(edit) @1925   11 years aclsce Added a sort
(edit) @1924   11 years aclsce Fixed a bug
(edit) @1922   11 years acosce Correct several bugs - add a test on file to check if it exists or not …
(edit) @1921   11 years acosce deplace print in better place
(edit) @1920   11 years aclsce - Fixed some bugs
(edit) @1919   11 years aclsce Fixed a small bug
(edit) @1913   11 years aclsce - Fixed some bugs
(edit) @1912   11 years aclsce - Forgot these files were modified (via sed command)
(edit) @1911   11 years aclsce - Modified to not create tmp files in current directory
(edit) @1910   11 years aclsce - Fixed a small bug
(edit) @1900   11 years aclsce Modified to write log files in TMP_MIGR_DATA directory (instead of current …
(edit) @1899   11 years aclsce Added what is needed to use monitoring.
(edit) @1888   11 years aclsce Fixed small bug
(edit) @1887   11 years gpincka on enleve l'appel a '' en cas d'erreur dans creation …
(edit) @1886   11 years gpincka oups : petite correction
(edit) @1885   11 years aclsce - Option to delete input files - set +x added to avoid too many prints - …
(edit) @1884   11 years gpincka Suivi creation de listes : correction de l'affichage des simus speciales …
(edit) @1883   11 years aclsce Correction suppression mesh_mask
(edit) @1882   11 years aclsce Modifications
(edit) @1881   11 years gpincka Traitement specifique pour la suppression des listes output_ncrcat et …
(edit) @1880   11 years gpincka Suppression des donnees traitees correctement. Attention : les cmds rm …
(edit) @1879   11 years aclsce Modified to exclude good variables
(edit) @1878   11 years aclsce Case "No Debug directory" was not taken into account.
(edit) @1876   11 years gpincka correction pour simu type 'tar full'
(edit) @1875   11 years gpincka portage sur machine ulam de l'idris
(edit) @1874   11 years aclsce Modification sur les status
(edit) @1873   11 years gpincka introduction d'une variable pour recommencer les traitements depuis le …
(edit) @1872   11 years gpincka commentaires directives batch
(edit) @1871   11 years gpincka modifs
(edit) @1870   11 years gpincka verif du parametre : choix du check ou non
(edit) @1869   11 years gpincka meilleure gestion de la verification de la progression avant et apres …
(edit) @1868   11 years aclsce Non traitee ou illisible = non traitee !
(edit) @1867   11 years gpincka Makefile crash si libccc_user non charge
(edit) @1866   11 years gpincka correction sur le precedent commit
(edit) @1865   11 years gpincka correction sur le precedent commit
(edit) @1864   11 years gpincka gestion (a ameliorer) des echecs ncrcat + check automatiques et aleatoires …
(edit) @1863   11 years gpincka Traitement des listes ncrcat_output ==> output_tar + modif affichage du …
(edit) @1862   11 years gpincka simplification mesure du temps de calcul
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