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(edit) @395   16 years aclsce Changed tag for IPSLCM4_v2 configuration : now IPSLCM4_v2_3 Modifications …
(edit) @394   16 years mmaipsl Change libIGCM_v1 tag to libIGCM_v1_1 new tag for use of platine machine. …
(edit) @379   16 years mafoipsl MAFo : don't keep .svn directories for job construction.
(edit) @378   16 years mafoipsl ACa + MAFo : keep WORK creation only for IPSLCM4* configuration
(edit) @377   16 years mafoipsl ACa + MAFo : IPSLCM5 coupled configuration added. Preliminary version.
(edit) @370   16 years bellier Updating for new NETCDF version (add libnetcdff)
(edit) @365   16 years mmaipsl Add ORCHIDEE_OL_MERGE configuration for work on agriculture with ORCHIDEE.
(edit) @364   16 years mmaipsl Change libIGCM_v2 reference version to the head of libIGCM_v2 tag. Change …
(edit) @354   16 years aclsce Added variables needed to compile Oasis on IBM zahir
(edit) @353   16 years mmaipsl MM: Use of mirror version libIGCM_v1 of SVN server instead of CVS one.
(edit) @352   16 years mmaipsl MM: Add SVN server for libIGCM. Point to AllPostFred? branch for …
(edit) @351   16 years rblod Add NEMO_DEV version
(edit) @350   16 years acosce change IPSL_ESM_V1 and LMDZINCA_v2 configurations
(edit) @347   16 years rblod Add gfortran options for generic linux system, under target gfortran. It …
(edit) @346   16 years acosce update LMDZORINCA config
(edit) @343   16 years acosce new tags on IPSL_ESM_V1 config
(edit) @341   16 years acosce correct some error in my last commit (sorry)
(edit) @340   16 years acosce change tags for the configuration LMDZINCA_v2
(edit) @331   16 years sdipsl Little addon concerning JobName? attribut in config.card If you have in …
(edit) @328   16 years jgipsl Cleaning up among old LMDZOR versions. LF + JG
(edit) @321   16 years jgipsl Updated model tags in configuration LMDZ4OR_v2.
(edit) @320   16 years jgipsl Change administrator for configuration LMDZ4OR_v2
(edit) @319   16 years mmaipsl MM: Change all new ORCHIDEE off-line configurations ! New driver and …
(edit) @318   16 years mafoipsl Take care of aligment.
(edit) @317   16 years mafoipsl take care of aligment.
(edit) @316   16 years mafoipsl add babel (Blue Gene) and bgfe (Blue Gene Front End) in modipsl tools.
(edit) @315   16 years acosce use svn tags for LMDZINCA_v2 and IPSL_ESM_V1 config
(edit) @311   16 years acosce change IOIPSL tag for LMDZINCA_v2 and IPSL_ESM_V1
(edit) @307   16 years bellier JB: Use TAGS/v2_1_2 instead of TAGS/v2_1_1 for IPSLCM4_v2, IOIPSL_SVN …
(edit) @302   16 years mafoipsl tag IPSLCM4_v2_2 for input files for IPSLCM4_v2 config
(edit) @300   16 years sdipsl SD : use libIGCM_v1 tag for IPSLCM4_v2 configuration
(edit) @299   16 years mafoipsl - use orchidee_1_9_2 tag for IPSLCM4_v2 configuration - change comment for …
(edit) @298   16 years mafoipsl use LMDZ4_V3_4 tag for LMDZ4_V3 in IPSLCM4_v2 config. …
(edit) @294   16 years bellier JB: - updated ins_make to avoid conflicts with target names - enhanced …
(edit) @293   16 years bellier JB: modified a ksh command, not equivalent in ksh93
(edit) @292   16 years mmaipsl MM, JB: Use new IOIPSL tag v2_1_2 instead of v2_1_1.
(edit) @291   16 years mmaipsl MM: Add configurations ORCHIDEE_OOL (for ORCHIDEE_OL HEAD with IOIPSL …
(edit) @290   16 years acosce ACo : use tag LMDZ4_V3_2 for LMDZINCA_v2 and IPSL_ESM_V1
(edit) @276   16 years bellier JB: return to previous validated version
(edit) @270   16 years bellier JB: restore an intermediate version (too many problems with tabs)
(edit) @263   16 years bellier JB: add a Tab character as ending host-name delimiter
(edit) @262   16 years bellier JB: add a blank in a sed instruction to avoid conflict in host names
(edit) @261   16 years bellier JB: Cent fois sur le me(accent aigu)tier ... Il n'est jamais trop tard …
(edit) @260   16 years bellier JB: add a refined sed command to avoid mismatch with the -t option
(edit) @256   16 years bellier JB: correcting a little typing mismatch
(edit) @250   16 years aclsce Modified Netcdf libraries path for platine (CCRT scalar machine )
(edit) @249   16 years bellier JB : modify syntax of a test to work on the Earth Simulator
(edit) @245   16 years bellier - AA_make.gdef : addin the key "idris_tx7" to work with gfortran - …
(edit) @244   16 years mafoipsl use tag LMDZ4_V3_2 for LMDZ in IPSLCM4_v2 configuration
(edit) @226   16 years aclsce Added and modified options for eshpux target (ES front-end)
(edit) @225   16 years mmaipsl Je change le courriel d'avertissement pour l'adresse mèl de Abdherrahmane …
(edit) @222   16 years mmaipsl overwrite precedent commit. Thanks to Anne, correct a bug with multiple …
(edit) @221   16 years mmaipsl MM, ACo : Thanks to Anne, correct a bug with multiple jobs to install and …
(edit) @220   16 years acosce ACo : take now libIGCM head which authorize IPSL_ESM_V1 atlas
(edit) @215   16 years acosce ACo : change tag for IPSL_ESM_V1 config
(edit) @208   16 years omamce Add possibility to change name of modipsl directory (by experiment name …
(edit) @206   16 years aclsce Tag ipslcm4_v2 for OPA in IPSLCM4_v2 configuration because of modification …
(edit) @199   16 years mmaipsl MM: Add executable permissions on scripts touched by ins_job.
(edit) @198   16 years mmaipsl MM: Add LMDZ4OR_v2 configuration.
(edit) @185   16 years acosce ACo : Use Tag LMDZ4_V3_1 for LMDZINCA_v2, LMDZORINCA, IPSL_ESM_V1 …
(edit) @183   16 years mafoipsl Use tag libIGCM_v0_9 for libIGCM
(edit) @182   16 years aclsce use tag IPSLCM4_v2_1 for IPSLCM4_v2
(edit) @174   17 years aclsce AC : - Modified "loopcnt" compilation option on mercure - Increase …
(edit) @164   17 years aclsce AC : - Modified to run on ccrt scalar machine platine - Modified to …
(edit) @158   17 years mafoipsl For IPSLCM4_v2: tags orchidee_1_9_1 and LMDZ4_V3_1 for ORCHIDEE and LMDZ …
(edit) @157   17 years mafoipsl JobClass? and JobNumProcTot? are optionnal in config.card.
(edit) @145   17 years acosce ACo : change LMDZ tag on LMDZINCA (sequentiel) configuration
(edit) @144   17 years acosce ACo : add new configuration LMDZORINCA
(edit) @139   17 years acosce ACo : take inca on svn for IPSL_ESM_V1
(edit) @134   17 years mafoipsl commands echo suppression
(edit) @131   17 years mafoipsl 2 variables coming from config.card added : JobClass?, JobNumProcTot?
(edit) @128   17 years acosce ACo : mod.def - take inca by svn for lmdzinca config
(edit) @114   17 years acosce ACo : add new configuration : IPSL_ESM_V1
(edit) @108   17 years bellier JB: pwd -> bin/pwd
(edit) @104   17 years mafoipsl Use /bin/pwd instead of pwd to allow batch compilation for AA_make based …
(edit) @101   17 years acosce ACo : add new config (LMDZINCA_v2) manage by forge svn
(edit) @96   17 years bellier JB: add some comments
(edit) @94   17 years aclsce AC + JG : Added variable FCM_ARCH used by makegcm_fcm for LMDZ …
(edit) @93   17 years bellier JB: no overwrite already existing files
(edit) @92   17 years bellier JB: added expansion of keyword "Id" and some orthographic corrections
(edit) @91   17 years bellier JB: add ins_job
(edit) @87   17 years bellier JB: add "argent" and (for the future) "platine"
(edit) @86   17 years bellier JB: add "argent" computer (to be tested)
(edit) @78   17 years rblod Change NEMO tag to nemo_v2_3
(edit) @52   17 years bellier JB: update the parameter M_M (move module) for target solaris
(edit) @49   17 years bellier JB: - add sx6nec in files (use ins_make -t sx6nec ... for ald codes) - …
(edit) @47   17 years rblod Change NEMO_SVN to NEMO
(edit) @44   17 years aclsce Preprocessing and option for parallelism added in compilation options of …
(edit) @43   17 years aclsce MAFo+ACa : IPSLCM4_v2 configuration added in mod.def
(edit) @34   17 years bellier JB: - reflects the modifications of Rachid in the old version to tnew …
(edit) @27   17 years bellier JB: define public and development versions
(edit) @24   17 years bellier JB: - new format of data in mod.def - new version of model to read the …
(edit) @23   17 years bellier JB: add NEMO_SVN (the last tagged version of NEMO and IOIPSL, all under …
(edit) @21   17 years bellier JB: suppress the diff/rm/update options of model script
(edit) @17   17 years bellier JB: added server address, IOIPSL_SVN and IOIPSL_PLUS_SVN
(edit) @13   17 years bellier JB: Id added
(edit) @12   17 years bellier JB: svn now !
(edit) @2   18 years rblod First import of modipsl utilities
(add) @1   18 years rblod First import of modipsl - 2006
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