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(edit) @1990   9 years mafoipsl First modification to add ada the new IDRIS machine. target added into …
(edit) @1980   9 years mafoipsl Use libIGCM_v2.0_rc2 for all libIGCM configurations.
(edit) @1936   9 years jgipsl Added "-fp-model precise" for compiling at Curie. This is necessary to be …
(edit) @1935   9 years jgipsl Added default extraction of LMDZ_v5 configuration.
(edit) @1933   10 years jgipsl Changed to use latest rev 1932 on trunk IOIPSL for ORCHIDEE offline : - …
(edit) @1931   10 years acosce use libIGCM_v2.0_rc1 on NEMO config
(edit) @1930   10 years acosce error during previous commit
(edit) @1929   10 years acosce use libIGCM_v2.0_rc1 for all configurations with Orchidee and/or Inca
(edit) @1926   10 years mafoipsl use libIGCM_v2.0_rc1 for supported IPSLCM configurations.
(edit) @1908   10 years sdipsl - little adjustement for ensemble handling
(edit) @1907   10 years sdipsl - When setting up hindcast/forecast we need to be in this context (curie)
(edit) @1905   10 years sdipsl - cosmetics and cleaning. Mainly for ensemble hanfling
(edit) @1904   10 years acosce Add debugging option for compilation on Curie (line commented)
(edit) @1903   10 years acosce Remove xHost option for compilation on curie * Xhost optimize for the …
(edit) @1901   10 years jgipsl - Added configuration for ORCHIDEE offline using the trunk rev 1042 or …
(edit) @1889   10 years jgipsl Added -cpp in gfortran target. (target used for compiling ORCHIDEE)
(edit) @1877   10 years jgipsl Removed printing in default mode. Use './ins_job -v' for verbose mode
(edit) @1832   10 years jgipsl Added script developped by Martial, also stored at ORCHIDEE svn. Only for …
(edit) @1831   10 years jgipsl Now remove config.card after creation of new experimentdir.
(edit) @1829   10 years jgipsl Use rev 1660 of IOIPSL for ORCHIDEE_SVN_DEV.
(edit) @1828   10 years jgipsl Merged branche modipsl/newdev into modipsl/trunk . Changes are : - …
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