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Rebuild on TX7 at IDRIS

Reported by: aclsce Owned by: mafoipsl
Priority: major Milestone: IPSL CM4 parallel version
Component: tools Version: 2.0
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Rebuild on TX7 at IDRIS

Compilation of IOIPSL_PLUS to evaluate performance of rebuild on TX7.

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comment:1 Changed 16 years ago by mafoipsl

2008-02-18 : $TMPDIR a fast file system for rebuild is available in batch mode.

More information here : RebuildPerformances

Batch used for test :

#PBS -q tx7                  # obligatoire pour rester sur la frontale TX-7
#PBS -l cputim_prc=01:00:00  # temps CPU par processus (défaut 30mn,  max 5h)
#PBS -l memsz_prc=2gb        # mémoire par processus   (défaut 256mb, max 2gb)
#PBS -j o
#PBS -S /usr/bin/ksh

set -xv
export PATH=$PATH:/home/rech/psl/rpsl003/TX/bin
module load gfortran
mkdir $TMPDIR/$$ ; cd $TMPDIR/$$ ; cp /workdir/rech/psl/rpsl003/REBUILD/test/histhf_* . ; ls -l
which rebuild
time rebuild -o histhf_000?.nc
ls -l

comment:2 Changed 16 years ago by mafoipsl

2008-02-07 use idris_tx7 host to install IOIPSL_PLUS on brodie tx7 front-end :

cd modipsl/util
./ins_make -t idris_tx7
cd ../modeles/IOIPSL/tools

IOIPSL_PLUS/bin/rebuild (calling IOIPSL/bin/flio_rbld) is available.

comment:3 Changed 16 years ago by mafoipsl

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2008-02-19 : installed on common login rpsl035.

Add module load gfortran to use it.

Add ~rpsl035/TX/bin in your PATH to use it.

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