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#34 closed enhancement (fixed)

Little inconsistency with histday IO in IPSLCM2_v2

Reported by: sdipsl Owned by: sdipsl
Priority: trivial Milestone: IPSL CM4 parallel version
Component: IO Version: 2.0
Keywords: ISCCP histday Cc:


Running lev_histday > 3 without isccp simulator leads to a crash with LMDZ4_V3_1.

Remedy : commit some if statement.

Error message :

 Fromcpl: Reading fields from CPL, ktime=  0

    * 253 Invalid operation PROG=histcom.histwrite_real ELN=376(400ca8a7c)
 ****  99 Execution suspended PROG=histcom.histwrite_real ELN=376(400ca8a7c)
                 Called from histcom.histwrite_r2d ELN=1999(400d6d3a4)
                 Called from iophy.histwrite2d_phy ELN=109(4003c1af4)
    * 253 Invalid operation PROG=histcom.histwrite_r2d ELN=150(400ca8a7c)
                 Called from physiq ELN=8592(4001af888)
                 Called from calfis_p ELN=833(4000c3b50)

Remedy dans ini_histday.h :

cIM     IF (iflag_con.GE.3) THEN 
         IF (ok_isccp) THEN
         CALL histdef(nid_day, "ptop",
c    .                "Cld top pressure","mb",
     .                "Cld top pressure (cf ISCCP simulator)","Pa",
     .                iim,jj_nb,nhori, 1,1,1,-99,
     .                32, "ave(X)", zstophy,zout)
cIM     ENDIF !(iflag_con.GE.3) THEN 


        IF (ok_isccp) THEN
        CALL histdef(nid_day,"meantaucld",
     .                "ISCCP mean cloud optical thickness","1",
     .                iim,jj_nb,nhori, 1,1,1, -99, 32,
     .                "ave(X)", zstophy,zout)

Remedy dans write_histday.h :

cIM   IF (iflag_con.GE.3) THEN
cIM ema_pct= 0.     CALL gr_fi_ecrit(1, klon,iim,jjmp1, ema_pct,zx_tmp_2d)
cym      CALL gr_fi_ecrit(1, klon,iim,jjmp1, meanptop(:,1),zx_tmp_2d)
      IF (ok_isccp) THEN
         CALL histwrite_phy(nid_day,"ptop",itau_w,meanptop(:,1))


      IF (ok_isccp) THEN
      CALL histwrite_phy(nid_day,"meantaucld",itau_w,meantaucld)

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