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CR de la réunion CPLIPSL du 15 février 2007
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VV20 continued for 100 years (diff)


12:23 Changeset [24] by bellier
JB: - new format of data in mod.def - new version of model to read the …


10:51 Changeset [23] by bellier
JB: add NEMO_SVN (the last tagged version of NEMO and IOIPSL, all under …


16:58 Changeset [22] by bellier
JB: create the first tag (but the last version) of modipsl
16:48 Changeset [21] by bellier
JB: suppress the diff/rm/update options of model script


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IPCC animations added (diff)


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50 years VV20 finished (diff)
16:54 Changeset [20] by mafoipsl
MAF: Move comments before MODULE statement after this statement


14:28 Changeset [19] by bellier
JB: Move comments before MODULE statement after this statement
11:50 Changeset [18] by bellier
JB: Tagging the first IOIPSL svn version


10:52 Changeset [17] by bellier
JB: added server address, IOIPSL_SVN and IOIPSL_PLUS_SVN
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