10:50 Changeset [369] by bellier
Suppressed a bug in case of very short records.
10:49 Changeset [368] by bellier
Suppressed an unused variable.


19:24 LMDZ4OR_v2 edited by jgipsl
14:29 LMDZ4OR_v2 edited by jgipsl


10:28 Changeset [367] by bellier
Adapting some tests to be conform with new versions of NETCDF
10:27 Changeset [366] by bellier
Some cleaning


19:19 Changeset [365] by mmaipsl
Add ORCHIDEE_OL_MERGE configuration for work on agriculture with ORCHIDEE.
19:18 Changeset [364] by mmaipsl
Change libIGCM_v2 reference version to the head of libIGCM_v2 tag. Change …
15:58 ResolutionIPSLCM4_v2 edited by mafoipsl
12:58 Changeset [363] by bellier
Updating for more compliance with CF Metadata Convention.
12:58 Changeset [362] by bellier
- Updating for more compliance with CF Metadata Convention. - Some …
11:18 WikiStart edited by sdipsl
09:33 ResolutionIPSLCM4_v2 edited by mafoipsl


19:13 ResolutionIPSLCM4_v2 edited by mafoipsl
19:06 ResolutionIPSLCM4_v2 edited by mafoipsl


12:33 IPSLCM4_v2_PAR edited by mafoipsl


09:50 Changeset [361] by bellier
Suppress tag (bed commit). Sorry.


12:36 Changeset [360] by bellier
New tag (copy of the trunk version) : towards the CF convention fort …
12:28 Changeset [359] by bellier
More compliance with the CF Metadata Convention
12:27 Changeset [358] by bellier
A little step towards the CF Metadata Convention


19:53 IPSLCM4_v2_PAR edited by sdipsl


18:50 Changeset [357] by sdipsl
Tag IPSLCM4_v2_2 copied from the trunk Specific changes related to …
18:48 Changeset [356] by sdipsl
remove the tag before to copy it back from trunck specific change related …
18:38 Changeset [355] by sdipsl
* Specify two bypass options in [UserChoices?] section of lmdz.card …


12:31 Changeset [354] by aclsce
Added variables needed to compile Oasis on IBM zahir


13:23 ResolutionIPSLCM4_v2 edited by mafoipsl


17:36 ResolutionIPSLCM4_v2 edited by mafoipsl
17:16 LMDZ4OR_v2 edited by jgipsl
16:13 LMDZ4OR_v2 edited by jgipsl


18:48 ResolutionIPSLCM4_v2 edited by mafoipsl
18:01 Branville2008 edited by mafoipsl
17:21 ResolutionIPSLCM4_v2 edited by mafoipsl
15:01 Branville2008 edited by mafoipsl
15:00 Branville2008 edited by mafoipsl
14:56 Branville2008 edited by mafoipsl
14:04 Branville2008 edited by mafoipsl
14:03 Branville2008 edited by mafoipsl
12:42 Branville2008 edited by mafoipsl
12:38 Branville2008 edited by mafoipsl
12:33 Branville2008 edited by mafoipsl
12:30 Branville2008 edited by mafoipsl
12:18 Branville2008 edited by mafoipsl
09:20 Branville2008 edited by mafoipsl
09:14 Branville2008 edited by mafoipsl
08:52 IPSLCM4_v2_PAR edited by mafoipsl


12:25 Changeset [353] by mmaipsl
MM: Use of mirror version libIGCM_v1 of SVN server instead of CVS one.
12:24 Changeset [352] by mmaipsl
MM: Add SVN server for libIGCM. Point to AllPostFred? branch for …
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