15:59 PerformancesIPSLCM4_v2 edited by mafoipsl
13:14 WikiStart edited by mafoipsl
13:10 WikiStart edited by mafoipsl
10:03 PerformancesIPSLCM4_v2 edited by mafoipsl


16:47 PerformancesIPSLCM4_v2 edited by mafoipsl
16:33 Changeset [430] by bellier
Changed a "FATAL ERROR" to a "WARNING" (problems with calendar in …
14:24 PerformancesIPSLCM4_v2 edited by mafoipsl
12:17 Changeset [429] by bellier
added dynamic debug (see ipsldbg in errioipsl)
12:11 PerformancesIPSLCM4_v2 edited by mafoipsl


14:27 ModipslBeginner edited by mmaipsl


16:24 PerformancesIPSLCM4_v2 edited by mafoipsl
14:35 Changeset [428] by bellier
some bugfixes
10:19 ResolutionIPSLCM4_v2 edited by mafoipsl


08:34 IPSLCM4_v2_PAR edited by mafoipsl


15:27 PerformancesIPSLCM4_v2 edited by mafoipsl
09:55 Changeset [427] by bellier
minor modifications


12:48 Changeset [426] by jgipsl
Updated tag for IOIPSL in LMDZ4OR_v2 and IPSLCM5_WORK configs.
12:37 Changeset [425] by jgipsl
Modification dans l'appelle a makegcm_fcm suite a une nouvelle version …
09:01 ResolutionIPSLCM4_v2 edited by mafoipsl
09:00 ResolutionIPSLCM4_v2 edited by mafoipsl


11:23 IPSLCM4_v2_PAR edited by aclsce
11:16 Changeset [424] by aclsce
Added big_endian compilation option for opa on platine (CCRT scalar …
11:10 Changeset [423] by aclsce
Added big_endian compilation option for opa on platine (CCRT scalar …


15:39 Changeset [422] by mafoipsl
MAF + CT : NEMO_IGCM added to test libIGCM with NEMO
11:43 private/ORCA2_LIM_libIGCM edited by mafoipsl
11:23 WikiStart edited by mafoipsl


17:15 ModipslBeginner edited by mafoipsl
16:19 Changeset [421] by bellier
some corrections with this tag v2_1_6
16:14 WikiStart edited by mmaipsl
16:12 Changeset [420] by bellier
histcom : added the NETCDF standard_name attribute for variables flincom : …
15:17 Changeset [419] by acosce
Change INCA tags for IPSL_ESM_v1 config
15:15 Changeset [418] by acosce
Change INCA tags for LMDZINCA_v2 and LMDZINCA_v3 config
14:42 PerformancesIPSLCM4_v2 edited by mafoipsl


14:15 ResolutionIPSLCM4_v2 edited by mafoipsl
10:05 Cplipsl-2008-09-30 edited by mafoipsl
10:02 Cplipsl-2008-09-30 edited by mafoipsl
10:00 CplIpsl edited by mafoipsl
10:00 CplIpsl edited by mafoipsl
09:55 CplIpsl edited by mafoipsl
09:55 Cplipsl-2008-09-30 created by mafoipsl


16:53 Changeset [417] by jgipsl
Modified variable OCEAN into type_ocean and version_ocean according to …
09:12 Ticket #49 (IPSLCM4_v2 access through www with Cecill licence acceptation, project ...) created by mafoipsl
Mise en place d'une page www pour accéder au modèles IPSL (IPSLCM4_v2 pour …
09:07 Ticket #48 (IPSLCM4_v2 : installation on vargas (IDRIS) IBM Power6) created by mafoipsl
Install and test IPSLCM4_v2 on vargas (IDRIS) IBM Power6. See also …
08:53 Ticket #47 (IPSLCM4_v2 : no start in 144x142x19 on platine (CCRT). Restart works well.) created by mafoipsl
Le couplé IPSLCM4_v2 en 144x142x19 ne démarre pas sur platine si on part …
08:50 Ticket #46 (IPSLCM4_v2 : time axis in dynzon files (after create_se)) created by mafoipsl
L'axe des temps du fichier dynzon (moyenne mensuelle sur 10 ans) ne …


16:32 CplIpsl edited by mafoipsl
16:32 CplIpsl edited by mafoipsl
16:31 CplIpsl edited by mafoipsl
15:20 CplIpsl edited by jldufres
15:17 CplIpsl edited by jldufres
15:11 Changeset [416] by bellier
Changed an initialization to suppress a bug in a test (from JG)
09:37 Changeset [415] by acosce
change INCA3 tag for LMDZINCA_v3 config


15:10 PerformancesIPSLCM4_v2 edited by mafoipsl
10:59 Changeset [414] by acosce
new flags for LMDZ
10:47 Changeset [413] by acosce
change LMDZ compilation option for chemistry
10:08 Changeset [412] by acosce
Add new config LMDZINCA with LMDZ head
09:51 Changeset [411] by acosce
create new branches for LMDZINCA config
09:48 Changeset [410] by acosce
Create new branche for LMDZINCA config
09:38 PerformancesIPSLCM4_v2 edited by mafoipsl
09:37 WikiStart edited by mafoipsl
09:36 IPSLCM4_v2_PAR edited by mafoipsl


18:19 PerformancesIPSLCM4_v2 edited by mafoipsl
18:19 PerformancesIPSLCM4_v2 edited by mafoipsl
18:10 PerformancesIPSLCM4_v2 created by mafoipsl
17:44 Changeset [409] by aclsce
Added files needed for ORCA2xLMD144142 resolution of IPSLCM5_WORK …
09:42 CplIpsl edited by mafoipsl


16:47 Changeset [408] by aclsce
Added files needed for ORCA2xLMD144142 resolution of IPSLCM5 configuration
11:37 Changeset [407] by acosce
add IPSL_ESM config for WORK creation


16:44 CplIpsl edited by mafoipsl
16:40 CplIpsl edited by mafoipsl
16:33 Changeset [406] by jgipsl
Changed use of compilation method for ORCHIDEE : from classic makefile to …
16:16 CplIpsl edited by mafoipsl
16:02 WikiStart edited by mafoipsl


14:51 Changeset [405] by mafoipsl
aix6 compiler options changed
14:48 Changeset [404] by mafoipsl
Undoing change commited for vargas in ins_script
11:55 Changeset [403] by acosce
Change libIGCM tag for LMDZINCA config
11:16 Changeset [402] by bellier
Use tag v2_1_5 of IOIPSL for IOIPSL[_PLUS]_SVN
11:13 Changeset [401] by bellier
Created tag v2_1_5 (with CeCILL license)
09:24 Changeset [400] by mafoipsl
First implementation for vargas : AIX6 and ax6_mono Not fully tested.


16:41 private/ORCA2_LIM_libIGCM edited by mafoipsl
16:35 private/ORCA2_LIM_libIGCM edited by mafoipsl


16:48 ResolutionIPSLCM4_v2 edited by mafoipsl
16:45 CcrtPriorite edited by mafoipsl
15:54 Changeset [399] by rblod
Change tag to v3 for NEMO reference and for IOIPSL too
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