21:56 IPSLCMIP5 edited by sdipsl
18:00 IPSLCMIP5 edited by sdipsl
16:29 Changeset [1004] by mafoipsl
Use revision 1374 for LMDZ with ok_histNMC input parameter.
16:27 Changeset [1003] by mafoipsl
Use ok_histNMC input parameter to set monthly, daily and HF frequencies …
15:02 IPSLCMIP5 edited by mafoipsl
13:25 Ticket #55 (North pole validation) created by mafoipsl
North pole validation for IPSLCM5A
11:23 CsPole edited by mafoipsl
09:15 Changeset [1002] by mafoipsl
Add Daily and HF NMC output files processing in EXP00 and piControl …


18:42 InfosOzone created by mafoipsl
18:36 IPSLCMIP5 edited by mafoipsl
17:37 IPSLCM5A edited by aclsce
15:35 IPSLCM5A edited by mafoipsl
15:10 ModipslBeginner edited by aclsce
14:48 IPSLCM5A edited by aclsce
11:50 Changeset [1001] by mafoipsl
Add COSP files processing in historical and piControl.
09:13 Changeset [1000] by mafoipsl
Add COSP compilation and files processing in EXP00.


17:49 IPSLCM5A edited by mafoipsl
17:05 IPSLCM5A edited by aclsce
16:30 IPSLCM5A edited by mafoipsl
16:27 IPSLCM5A edited by mafoipsl
16:27 IPSLCM5A edited by mafoipsl
16:26 IPSLCM5A edited by mafoipsl
16:23 IPSLCM5A edited by mafoipsl
16:12 IPSLCM5A edited by mafoipsl
16:11 IPSLCM5A edited by mafoipsl
12:58 IPSLCM5A edited by mafoipsl
11:09 Changeset [999] by mafoipsl
IPSLCM5A : use NEMO revision 1854.
10:51 Changeset [998] by mafoipsl
Use IOIPSL v2_2_0 and LMDZ and NEMO with latest revision.


14:07 Changeset [997] by mafoipsl
-q save option deleted on aix6 system to reduce memory usage.
10:03 Changeset [996] by mafoipsl
JobName simplification to keep working Restart operations.
09:01 ModipslBeginner edited by mafoipsl


10:09 Changeset [995] by mmaipsl
Add simple libIGCM trunk configuration


18:26 IPSLCM5A edited by mafoipsl
18:24 IPSLCM5A edited by mafoipsl
18:07 IPSLCM5A edited by mafoipsl
18:06 Changeset [994] by aclsce
Titane added for NEMO compilation
18:01 Changeset [993] by mafoipsl
titane added for NEMO.
17:56 IPSLCM5A edited by mafoipsl
17:05 Changeset [992] by sdipsl
- Some homogenization between directory regarding : - SmoothFiles?
16:31 Changeset [991] by sdipsl
Correct a typo
16:26 Changeset [990] by sdipsl
For IPSLCM5A configuration use LMDZ trunk revision 1362 libIGCM trunk …
16:19 Changeset [989] by mafoipsl
Use NEMO 1848 on CMIP5_IPSL branch to allow long name experiments.
16:16 Changeset [988] by sdipsl
Update historical directory hosting simulation having historical setup.
15:57 Changeset [987] by sdipsl
First copy for the historical directory
15:53 Changeset [986] by mmaipsl
MM: change all orchidee_1_9_4_AR5 to orchidee_1_9_4_2.
15:45 Changeset [985] by mmaipsl
MM: change all ORCHIDEE version from branch orchidee_1_9_4_AR5 for its …
15:34 Changeset [984] by mafoipsl
Updated piControl directory hosting simulation having preindustrial setup.
15:09 Changeset [983] by mafoipsl
Add PiControl? directory hosting simulation having preindustrial setup.
15:00 Changeset [982] by mafoipsl
Adapted config.card to IPSLCM5A.
14:16 Changeset [981] by mafoipsl
IPSLCM5A configuration added.
14:05 Changeset [980] by mafoipsl
IPSLCM5A : copied from IPSLCM5_v3
12:11 ModipslBeginner edited by mafoipsl
08:16 SimusIPSLCMIP5 created by mafoipsl


17:02 Changeset [979] by bellier
New version without bug !
17:02 Changeset [978] by bellier
Delete the bad version before new install
16:59 Changeset [977] by bellier
Misstype suppressed


17:56 CsPole edited by mafoipsl
17:55 CsPole edited by mafoipsl
17:53 Pole.pdf attached to CsPole by mafoipsl
17:45 bopp_cspole_16april.pdf attached to CsPole by mafoipsl
17:41 LMDZBPM20100416.pdf attached to CsPole by mafoipsl
17:41 boite_analyse_validation_CP12avr2010.pdf attached to CsPole by mafoipsl
17:40 CsPole created by mafoipsl
14:36 IPSLCM5A edited by mafoipsl


21:54 ConfigIPSLCM5 edited by mafoipsl


14:09 Changeset [976] by aclsce
Use of tag ipslcm5a (instead of HEAD) for Oasis in IPSLCM5_v2 and …
13:56 Changeset [975] by bellier
New tagged version


09:29 PiscesIPSLCM5 edited by cetlod


17:27 Changeset [974] by sdipsl
- Update cmip5 pisces variables lists according to Christian's work
16:50 PiscesIPSLCM5 edited by cetlod
16:16 Changeset [973] by cetlod
IPSLCM5_v3 uses NEMO from branch CMIP5_IPSL revision 1830
15:56 Changeset [972] by cetlod
Cleaning of card and driver for NEMO-TOP * deleting useless *.noiomput …
15:48 Changeset [971] by cetlod
Get 3D chlorophyll climatological data file to force R-G-B light …
15:42 Changeset [970] by cetlod
Update iodef.xml file to take into account new diagnostics for PISCES * …
15:31 Changeset [969] by cetlod
Update Makefiles to take into account R-G-B ligth penetration with 3D …
12:04 Changeset [968] by sdipsl
- create_etat0_limit wants orchidee.def
11:56 Changeset [967] by sdipsl
Update Interannuel mode - create_etat0_limit wants orchidee.def, so be it …


17:40 Changeset [966] by mmaipsl
change ORCHIDEE_OL1_9_MERGE for new tag orchidee_1_9_4_2
17:31 ContinentIPSLCM5 edited by aclsce
15:18 IPSLCMIP5 edited by jldufres
15:02 IPSLCMIP5 edited by jldufres
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10:52 igcmg/Documentation edited by jldufres
10:45 WikiStart edited by jldufres
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10:04 igcmg/Documentation edited by jldufres
09:56 igcmg/Documentation edited by jldufres
09:53 ConfigIPSLCM5 edited by jldufres


18:30 ContinentIPSLCM5 edited by cpipsl
18:27 ContinentIPSLCM5 edited by cpipsl
15:21 ContinentIPSLCM5 edited by cpipsl


10:38 Changeset [965] by bellier
Increase the maximum number of simultaneously defined domains (up to 64)
10:05 Changeset [964] by bellier
Reinitialize some elements at the closure of a file
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