19:44 Changeset [1794] by cetlod
use libIGCM_v2.0_beta3 for NEMO
15:54 ModipslBeginner1 edited by mafoipsl
15:53 ModifIPSLCM5A edited by mafoipsl
15:47 Modipsl_nouv edited by acosce
15:44 Modipsl_nouv edited by acosce
15:40 Changeset [1793] by mafoipsl
Use libIGCM_v2.0_beta3 for IPSLCM5A, IPSLCM5A_C and IPSLCM5B …
15:34 Changeset [1792] by acosce
Change rev_beta2 by rev_beta3 in inca config


23:12 IPSLCMIP5/Centennal/IPSLCM5A-LR edited by sdipsl
17:34 IPSLCMIP5/Centennal/IPSLCM5A-LR edited by cpipsl
17:31 IPSLCMIP5/Centennal/IPSLCM5A-LR edited by cpipsl
13:11 IPSLLUCID/Simulations edited by cpipsl


18:57 IPSLCM5_v5 edited by aclsce
17:28 Changeset [1791] by aclsce
Added ecrit_hf=0.250 in physiq.def for *piControl experiments (needed to …
11:52 Changeset [1790] by jgipsl
Added target to compile ORCHIDEE with fcm. Not used by default.
10:18 IPSLCM5_v5 edited by aclsce


09:38 Modipsl_postFAQ edited by mafoipsl
09:31 ModipslBeginner1 edited by mafoipsl


14:38 Changeset [1789] by jgipsl
- Added working configuration IPSLCM5CHS_v5 = IPSLCM5_v5 + Reprobus
14:17 Changeset [1788] by jgipsl
Updated all configurations to use new tag libIGCM_v2.0_beta3.


19:08 Changeset [1787] by jgipsl
- Updated LMDZRERP experiment to use config.def and output.def files - …
17:43 Changeset [1786] by jgipsl
- Some clean up in model to have a clear help message. - Added IPSLCM5A, …
13:48 IPSLCMIP5/Centennal/IPSLCM5A-LR edited by aiipsl
13:46 IPSLCMIP5/Centennal/IPSLCM5A-LR edited by aiipsl
13:42 IPSLCMIP5/Centennal/IPSLCM5A-LR edited by aiipsl
12:05 LMDZOR_v4 edited by jgipsl
11:59 IPSLCMIP5/Centennal/IPSLCM5A-LR edited by aiipsl
11:21 IPSLCMIP5/Centennal/IPSLCM5A-LR edited by aiipsl
11:14 IPSLCMIP5/Centennal/IPSLCM5A-LR edited by aiipsl


10:54 Changeset [1785] by aclsce
Moved lmdzgrep function from *_update function to *_initialize function …


17:29 Changeset [1784] by aclsce
Added emissions file needed to run Chistorical experiments
16:51 Changeset [1783] by jgipsl
- Protected usage of some optional variables in lmdz.card (LMDZ_COSP_xx …
14:23 Changeset [1782] by jgipsl
Protect reading of variable CREATE if it is not set in lmdz.card. The …


18:51 IPSLCM5_v5 edited by mafoipsl
17:43 BasculeCCRTTGCC edited by mafoipsl
12:01 Changeset [1781] by sdipsl
- Do not mirror libIGCM during the ins_job phase
10:40 BasculeCCRTTGCC edited by aclsce
09:57 BasculeCCRTTGCC edited by acosce
09:53 IPSLCM5_v5 edited by acosce


17:54 BasculeCCRTTGCC edited by mafoipsl
17:51 BasculeCCRTTGCC edited by mafoipsl
16:12 ModipslBeginner1 edited by acosce
16:11 Modipsl_postFAQ edited by acosce
16:11 Modipsl_postFAQ edited by acosce
12:56 BasculeCCRTTGCC edited by mafoipsl
12:24 Modipsl_execFAQ edited by acosce
12:22 Modipsl_execFAQ edited by acosce
11:39 Modipsl_execFAQ edited by acosce
11:37 Modipsl_execFAQ edited by acosce
11:25 IPSLCM5_v5 edited by aclsce
11:23 IPSLCM5_v5 edited by aclsce
10:53 IPSLCM5_v5 edited by aclsce


17:17 IntegrationOpenMP/EnteteCommandesVargas edited by mafoipsl
15:37 IntegrationOpenMP/EnteteCommandesVargas edited by mafoipsl
15:35 IntegrationOpenMP/EnteteCommandesCurie edited by mafoipsl
15:30 IntegrationOpenMP/EnteteCommandesTitane edited by mafoipsl
14:08 IPSLCMIP5/SimulationsIPSL edited by sdipsl
12:54 IPSLCMIP5/Centennal/IPSLCM5A-MR edited by sdipsl
09:15 IntegrationOpenMP/EnteteCommandesTitane edited by mafoipsl


18:01 Changeset [1780] by jgipsl
Moved specific treatement for carbon cycle to seperate functions: …
17:44 Changeset [1779] by jgipsl
Modification to be able to run LMDZ4 with the same run.def as LMDZ5. In …
16:33 Changeset [1778] by jgipsl
Corrected some errors discoverd by changing machine.
14:24 IPSLCM5_v5 edited by acosce
14:13 Changeset [1777] by acosce
Change take SVN orchidee version for LMDZORINCA new config
14:10 Changeset [1776] by acosce
Add NMHC_AER_L39 experiment to new config


17:18 IPSLCM5/Verification_coupled edited by sdipsl
17:16 IPSLCM5/Verification_abrupt created by sdipsl
17:15 IPSLCMIP5/Verification_with_OK edited by sdipsl
17:03 IPSLCM5/Verification_misc created by sdipsl
17:02 IPSLCMIP5/Verification_with_OK edited by sdipsl
16:59 IPSLCM5/Verification_coupled created by sdipsl
16:55 IPSLCM5/Verification_decadal created by sdipsl
16:54 IPSLCM5/Verification_atmosphere created by sdipsl
16:53 IPSLCMIP5/Verification_with_OK edited by sdipsl
15:42 IPSLCMIP5/Centennal/IPSLCM5B-LR edited by sdipsl
15:19 Changeset [1775] by jgipsl
- Added keyword AUTO where missing in namelists - Corrected some …
10:01 Changeset [1774] by acosce
Try to make archive_restart executable
09:48 Changeset [1773] by acosce
We delet *jnl* files from the listing


22:55 Changeset [1772] by aclsce
Removed JobClass?, JobRunOptions? and Executable name in config.card
17:12 IntegrationOpenMP/EnteteCommandesCurie edited by mafoipsl
17:02 Changeset [1771] by acosce
use now tags for INCA4 instead of trunk
17:01 Changeset [1770] by acosce
Use now tags of INCA4 instead of trunk
16:52 BasculeCCRTTGCC/Prestation_CCRT_TGCC edited by aclsce
16:51 Presentation_generale.pdf attached to BasculeCCRTTGCC/Prestation_CCRT_TGCC by aclsce
16:24 BasculeCCRTTGCC/Prestation_CCRT_TGCC edited by aclsce
16:23 Presentation_Outil.pdf attached to BasculeCCRTTGCC/Prestation_CCRT_TGCC by aclsce
16:21 Réunion_de_lancement.pdf attached to BasculeCCRTTGCC/Prestation_CCRT_TGCC by aclsce
16:21 BasculeCCRTTGCC/Prestation_CCRT_TGCC edited by aclsce
13:38 Doc_outil_pack.pdf attached to BasculeCCRTTGCC/Prestation_CCRT_TGCC by aclsce
11:57 BasculeCCRTTGCC/Prestation_CCRT_TGCC created by aclsce


17:24 Changeset [1769] by acosce
Bugfix : correct the name (add day in datebegin and dateend) of …
15:44 Changeset [1768] by aclsce
Fixed some bugs.
15:36 Changeset [1767] by acosce
We will not manage run.card and Script_Output files


17:25 Changeset [1766] by aclsce
Modified to take into account new name of listfiles.
17:03 Changeset [1765] by acosce
Change name of list to pack to be compatible with enlarge part
16:44 Changeset [1764] by acosce
Add directory Exe to copy directly on storedir
16:40 Changeset [1763] by acosce
Add case of out_gcm.e --> now tar in DEBUG directory
16:25 Modipsl_execFAQ edited by acosce
16:21 Changeset [1762] by acosce
Bugfix on compilation for CREATE_ETAT0 with new config of LMDZ5INCA4
16:05 Changeset [1761] by lfairhead
v5.PiCtrlNP1 CMIP5 IPSL simulation registration IPSLCM5B configuration …
15:17 Changeset [1760] by acosce
Correct a bug in compilation for create_etat0 in newconfig LMDZ5INCA4
14:10 Modipsl_curie edited by acosce
13:49 IPSLCMIP5/Centennal/IPSLCM5B-LR edited by lfairhead
10:33 Changeset [1759] by jgipsl
Adapted LMDZOR experiments to run with new Hydrology version of ORCHIDEE : …


17:02 IPSLCM5_v5 edited by acosce
16:54 Changeset [1758] by acosce
Make some correction in LMDZORINCA_v5 - change AA_make because we change …
16:42 Changeset [1757] by acosce
Change LMDZORINCA version in newconfig modipsl - version with LMDZ5 …
14:18 Changeset [1756] by acosce
Add Bands_file by default for AER version with 39 levels
12:26 Changeset [1755] by acosce
Change name for list of restart and debug to tar (now with Jobname)
09:59 Modipsl_execFAQ edited by acosce


17:28 Changeset [1754] by acosce
in archive_restart.sh (for ccrt/tgcc mig) : 1- correct a bug on list …
17:26 Changeset [1753] by acosce
Correct a little bug in create_config (mig ccrt/tgcc)


18:01 Changeset [1752] by aclsce
Adapted enlarge tool to work with tar lists and cp lists.
12:30 IPSLCMIP5/Centennal/IPSLCM5A-MR/Table3 edited by mafoipsl


19:28 Changeset [1751] by sdipsl
- Add an optionnal argument to process ensemble cases
14:43 IPSLCM5_v5 edited by jgipsl
14:43 IPSLCM5_v5 edited by jgipsl


17:31 IPSLCM5_v5 edited by jgipsl
17:27 Changeset [1750] by jgipsl
Changed bad name of New Physics version : NPv3.0 is actually NPv3.1. No …
15:29 IPSLCM5_v5 edited by jgipsl
15:05 Changeset [1749] by aclsce
Use of Oasis3 svn version (instead of cvs version) for IPSLCM5_v5 …
15:03 IPSLCM5_v5 edited by jgipsl
14:42 Changeset [1748] by jgipsl
Added execution of ins_make in the end of the script model. ins_make can …
14:31 Changeset [1747] by jgipsl
- Added IPSLCM5_v5 config in model and removed IPSLCM5_v4; Updated …
12:40 IPSLCMIP5/Centennal/IPSLCM5A-MR edited by sdipsl
12:39 IPSLCMIP5/Centennal/IPSLCM5A-MR edited by sdipsl
12:30 IPSLCMIP5/Centennal/IPSLCM5A-LR edited by sdipsl
11:58 Changeset [1746] by acosce
Add inca output text
11:55 Changeset [1745] by acosce
Change lmdzorinca config for version with lmdz5 and inca4 (39 levels)
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