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15:23 Changeset [2004] by acosce
Add PackFrequency? in config.card for inca config
15:15 Modipsl_ada edited by jgipsl


12:02 Changeset [2003] by jgipsl
Removed svn depot 15 for orchidee. 15 was the same as 14 only that the …


17:03 Changeset [2002] by acosce
Change target syntaxe for 19level compilation (inca)


15:46 Changeset [2001] by sdipsl
- For homogoneity between configuration


11:29 Modipsl_curie edited by acosce


12:16 Changeset [2000] by acosce
Change path for input file on inca.card (use cccwork instead of dmnfs)
11:24 Changeset [1999] by acosce
Change inca revision to be compatible with curie
09:13 IntegrationOpenMP/Dev2012_LMDZOR edited by acosce
09:09 IntegrationOpenMP/Dev2012_LMDZOR edited by acosce


22:00 Changeset [1998] by sdipsl
Correct syntax error so as to be portable (ada)
15:19 IntegrationOpenMP/Dev2012_LMDZOR edited by acosce


15:19 IPSLCMIP5 edited by sdipsl


17:37 Modipsl_ada edited by mafoipsl
08:42 IntegrationOpenMP/EnteteCommandesAda edited by millour
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08:37 IntegrationOpenMP/EnteteCommandesAda edited by millour


18:59 Changeset [1997] by aclsce
Use of last Oasis revision (changes for Ada machine)
18:55 Changeset [1996] by aclsce
On ada, delete -Bstatic option to use dynamic netcdf library instead of …
18:16 Changeset [1995] by mafoipsl
On ada, delete -Bstatic option to use dynamic library. LD_LIBRARY_PATH …


11:16 Modipsl_ada edited by acosce
09:20 Modipsl_ada edited by acosce


17:55 Modipsl_curie edited by mafoipsl
16:59 IntegrationOpenMP/EnteteCommandesAda edited by mafoipsl
16:44 IntegrationOpenMP/EnteteCommandesVargas edited by mafoipsl
16:44 IntegrationOpenMP/EnteteCommandesAda edited by mafoipsl
15:24 Changeset [1994] by mafoipsl
Added compilation options for NEMO for Ada (IDRIS machine)
15:20 Modipsl_ada edited by mafoipsl


12:00 Changeset [1993] by aclsce
Modified to add variable "LandPoints?" to not use in case of double check.


16:21 Changeset [1992] by aclsce
Changed the use of Oasis cvs version to Oasis svn version in order to be …
16:11 Changeset [1991] by aclsce
Added ada compilation options for Oasis3. Added -xHost on Curie (without …
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