16:47 Changeset [2879] by aclsce
Removed xml files not needed anymore for NEMO (use of shaconemo files) …
16:08 Changeset [2878] by cetlod
Update namelist parameters file, sources files & xml files according to …
15:22 Changeset [2877] by aclsce
Set up of IPSLCM6.0.4 (see details …
15:21 Changeset [2876] by aclsce
Set up of IPSLCM6.0.4 (see details …
09:10 Changeset [2875] by cetlod
Minor updates of NEMO_v6 co,figuration


19:20 IPSLCM6 edited by oboucher
16:20 Changeset [2874] by cetlod
Switch NEMO revision from 6353 to 6665
15:52 Changeset [2873] by cetlod
change nn_fsbc = 2 (to be compatible to rn_rdt)
15:46 Changeset [2872] by cetlod
Change bio-retroaction parametrisation from Chl. observations to PISCES …
15:18 IPSLCMIP6 edited by oboucher
15:17 IPSLCMIP6 edited by oboucher
15:15 IPSLCMIP6 edited by oboucher
13:06 Changeset [2871] by cetlod
Change time-step for NEMO ORCA1 configuration
11:44 Changeset [2870] by cetlod
Update NEMO_v6 configuration to new NEMO revision


22:38 IPSLCMIP6 edited by oboucher
22:30 IPSLCMIP6 edited by oboucher
22:29 IPSLCMIP6 edited by oboucher
16:45 Ticket #68 (LIM2 : changement de creepl dans la namelist_ice_ORCA2) closed by sdipsl
fixed: done. decision from plateforme meeting
16:44 Ticket #64 (Pb d'allocation dans NEMO/sbccpl.F90) closed by sdipsl
fixed: Done. decision from plateforme meeting
16:44 Ticket #63 (Bug dans NEMO/OPA_SRC/IOM/iom.F90) closed by sdipsl
fixed: done. decision from plateform meeting.
16:42 Ticket #11 (Cecill licence to be added) closed by sdipsl
fixed: Close it. Components have it.


15:11 Changeset [2869] by acosce
fixed a bug in GES configuration --> there is no aerosol in this version
13:11 Ticket #96 (Switch from XIOS1 to XIOS2 in IPSL-CM6) created by aclsce


12:45 IPSLCM6 edited by mafoipsl
12:11 IPSLCM6 edited by mafoipsl


14:09 Changeset [2868] by omamce
O.M. : IPSLCM6.0.3-LR fige IPSLCM6.0.4-LR cree
14:07 Ticket #93 (Modèle IPSLCM6.0.3-LR) closed by omamce
11:47 Changeset [2867] by acosce
Removed specific treatment of Bands_ file and option adjust in lmdz. See …


17:20 Changeset [2866] by jgipsl
Added compilation of rrtm needed for NPv5.5 phyisics with LMDZ.
16:14 Changeset [2865] by cetlod
Bugfix on passive tracers restoring in closed seas, before new NEMO …
15:47 Changeset [2864] by cetlod
Clean & update NEMO_v6 configuration


21:12 Changeset [2863] by cetlod
Minor bug correction of pisces.driver and remove passive tracers restoring …
15:50 Changeset [2862] by jgipsl
Add -cpp XIOS1 in the compilation of LMDZ. This is done to force newer …
10:10 Changeset [2861] by omamce
O.M.: add damping in closed seas for PISCES tracers


13:47 Changeset [2860] by omamce
O.M. : coorect line to save bioscalar
13:35 Ticket #74 (Bands files for LMDZ) closed by jgipsl
fixed: Done in rev [2859]
13:35 Changeset [2859] by jgipsl
Removed specific treatment of Bands_ file and option adjust in lmdz. See …
09:49 IPSLCMIP6 edited by oboucher


11:20 IPSLCM6 edited by lfairhead
11:18 IPSLCM6 edited by lfairhead


12:40 Ticket #89 (diaptr ocean file with XIOS) closed by cetlod
12:28 Changeset [2858] by cetlod
Add modified diaar5.F90 routine & update trcdmp.F90 routine
12:21 Ticket #83 (Add IPSLCM6_rc0 trusting on ada and curie.) closed by mafoipsl
12:00 Ticket #79 (Verification of input text files) closed by mafoipsl
fixed: Ticket close and action postponed to each IPSL-CM6.0.x-LR ticket.
11:05 Ticket #73 (Add all files required by ORCA1.) closed by omamce
10:14 Ticket #95 (closea : bilan en eau de mers fermées n'est pas nul !) closed by omamce
10:13 Changeset [2857] by omamce
O.M. : correct some indices in closea for ORCA1 water budget on …


16:43 Changeset [2856] by jgipsl
Correction of name of new output file out_"execname".
13:37 IPSLCM6 edited by omamce
11:47 Changeset [2855] by jgipsl
Updated version of LMDZ in LMDZOR_v6 configuration to use testing rev …


19:18 IPSLCM6 edited by oboucher
18:38 Ticket #86 (IPSLCM5v5 decadal experiment on Ada and Curie) closed by sdipsl
fixed: Done thanks to synchronization between reference repository
18:34 Changeset [2854] by sdipsl
- Add a present day control setup for IPSLCM6 - Update config.card …
17:28 Changeset [2853] by lfairhead
Follow-up to convection.def file cleanup LF
17:11 Changeset [2852] by lfairhead
Spurrious character LF
17:05 Ticket #91 (Move ins_job to libIGCM) closed by sdipsl
fixed: Done see r2851
17:04 Changeset [2851] by sdipsl
remove ins_job from modipsl. see #91
16:49 Changeset [2850] by labetoulle
[consogencmip6] Change cpt parsing to reflect latest changes in …
16:43 Changeset [2849] by labetoulle
[gencmip6] running/pending jobs: - Gather data for whole Curie in …
16:20 Changeset [2848] by cetlod
Take an ocean point -ORCA2/ORCA1/eORCA1- for NEMO scalar
16:18 Changeset [2847] by lfairhead
Parameters that were in convection.def file are now in physiq.def file No …
16:16 Changeset [2846] by cetlod
Take an ocean point -ORCA2/ORCA1/eORCA1- for NEMO scalar
16:08 Changeset [2845] by labetoulle
[consogencmip6] Publish web data on ciclad
15:56 Changeset [2844] by labetoulle
[consogencmip6] running/pending jobs: look for 'cmip6' instead of …
15:42 Changeset [2843] by labetoulle
[consogencmip6] data anonymization (store & logins)
15:29 Changeset [2842] by labetoulle
[concogencmip6] problem with directory size = None in store occupation …
15:01 Ticket #92 (Error in lmdz.driver in v6 for CARBON_CYCLE) closed by jgipsl
fixed: The option force can be used with IGCM_comp_modifyDefFile to …
14:59 Changeset [2841] by jgipsl
Ticket #92 Correction on option lmdz_UserChoices_CARBON_CYCLE. Note this …
14:47 Changeset [2840] by acosce
Change name to log output for create_etat0_limit in LMDZOR and in …
14:05 Changeset [2839] by cetlod
Use the IGCM_comp_modifyNamelist function for PISCES parameters
13:44 Changeset [2838] by jgipsl
Correction : ok_hines and ok_strato are set in vert.def
13:43 Ticket #95 (closea : bilan en eau de mers fermées n'est pas nul !) created by omamce
Le bilan en eau de mers fermées n'est pas nul dans IPSLCM6 LR Corrigé …
13:40 Changeset [2837] by cetlod
update monitoring for PISCES
13:39 Changeset [2836] by cetlod
update monitoring for PISCES
13:37 Changeset [2835] by cetlod
update monitoring for PISCES
10:50 Changeset [2834] by cetlod
activate passive tracers restoring on closed seas


17:34 Changeset [2833] by aclsce
- Added config.card LongName? as global attribute of output files of v6 …
16:32 Changeset [2832] by omamce
O.M. : correction sur la definition du lac Victoria
16:31 Changeset [2831] by omamce
O.M. : ajout de wfo dans les series temporelles
14:02 Changeset [2830] by cetlod
Add new file to update the closea restoring for PISCES


16:57 Changeset [2829] by cetlod
Add script for NEMO_v6 monitoring
15:56 Changeset [2828] by acosce
update INCA rev number in lmdzorinca_v6 to correct a compilation error


16:41 Changeset [2827] by omamce
O.M. : corrections 2 coquilles (pas de sorties OPA et PISCES)
12:45 Ticket #94 (Modèle IPSLCM6.0.4-LR) created by aclsce
Version IPSLCM6.0.4-LR Creation le 25/O5/2015 * Composantes * …
10:10 IPSLCM6 edited by omamce
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