16:29 Changeset [4050] by tlurton
Added script to generate DUST_INCA_1M files starting from output of …
14:54 Changeset [4049] by tlurton
Added script to generate aerosol forcing files starting from outputs of …
09:48 Changeset [4048] by jgipsl
Update LMDZ and LMDZOR experiments to take LMDZ_Physics=NPv6.1.3 (change …


15:09 Changeset [4047] by acosce
fix a bug on inca compilation


04:39 Changeset [4046] by oboucher
Add basic readme file
04:36 Changeset [4045] by oboucher
Scripts to prepare CO2 emissions for IPSL-CM6 ESM


15:20 IPSL-CM6-articles edited by servonnat
15:17 Changeset [4044] by oboucher
CMIP6 DECK historical CM61-LR-hist-aer-03.1870


10:38 Changeset [4043] by acosce
use a new revision of INCA in LMDZORINCA_v6 - we cut mksflx in two …


15:18 Changeset [4042] by acosce
take the last revision for IPSLCM5A2 and IPSLCM5A2CHT configuration
15:16 Changeset [4041] by acosce
modify a cp in a mv to make compilation create a new gcm executable with …


11:47 Changeset [4040] by aclsce
- Created IPSLCM6.1.7-LR configuration
11:46 IPSLCM6/IPSL-CM6A-LR edited by aclsce
11:46 IPSLCM6/IPSL-CM6A-LR edited by aclsce


18:06 IPSLCM6-MR edited by mafoipsl
16:45 Changeset [4039] by aclsce
- Put IPSLCM6.1.7-LR as Longname in config.card
16:21 Changeset [4038] by jgipsl
Corrected error in lmdz.driver. When tau_gl was not set in lmdz.card, this …


10:46 Changeset [4037] by omamce
O.M. : CreateWeightMask? get around bugs in ncatted start adaptation to …


17:12 Changeset [4036] by oboucher
17:09 Changeset [4035] by oboucher
High resolution files needed to run the scripts


16:11 Changeset [4034] by jgipsl
Update experience for highresmip: - set ExperimentName?, LongName?, …
11:30 Changeset [4033] by cetlod
NEMO_v6 : phasing with 1.6-LR
11:28 Changeset [4032] by cetlod
Updating 1.6-LR revisions to take into account latest shaconemo …
10:16 IPSLCM6/IPSL-CM6A-LR edited by mafoipsl


20:45 IPSLCMIP6 edited by oboucher
20:42 Changeset [4031] by oboucher
Add GEOP files for MR resolution
17:28 IPSLCMIP6 edited by oboucher
17:27 IPSLCMIP6 edited by oboucher
17:25 Changeset [4030] by oboucher
Remove script that is not used volc.sh modified for MR
17:09 IPSLCMIP6 edited by oboucher
17:05 IPSLCMIP6 edited by oboucher
17:02 IPSLCMIP6 edited by oboucher
16:56 IPSLCMIP6 edited by oboucher
16:49 IPSLCM6/MOSAIX edited by ymipsl
16:47 IPSLCMIP6 edited by oboucher
15:06 Changeset [4029] by acosce
update configuration ipslcm5a2cht.1
14:33 Changeset [4028] by acosce
update files to use this configuration with this executable
14:26 Changeset [4027] by acosce
make some modification on these card to work with this specific executable
12:58 IPSLCMIP6 edited by oboucher
12:05 Changeset [4026] by acosce
Add forced configuration LMDZORINCA in coupled model IPSLCM5A2CHT
09:39 Changeset [4025] by acosce
use last config revision for IPSLCM5A2.1 and IPSLCM5A2CHT.1 to fix a bug …
09:36 Changeset [4024] by acosce
there was an error in this file - a path was write with specific login
09:07 Changeset [4023] by acosce
there was an error in this file - a path was write with specific login


19:06 IPSLCM6-MR edited by mafoipsl
17:10 IPSLCM6-MR edited by mafoipsl
17:01 PerformancesIPSLCM6 edited by cetlod
16:54 IPSLCMIP6 edited by mafoipsl
16:44 IPSLCMIP6 edited by mafoipsl
16:20 IPSLCMIP6 edited by mafoipsl
16:06 Changeset [4022] by cetlod
Update ping_nemo to output restoring terms in any case
15:19 IPSLCM6/IPSL-CM6A-LR edited by mafoipsl


21:43 IPSLCM6/IPSL-CM6A-LR edited by oboucher
10:19 Changeset [4021] by jgipsl
Added file env_atlas_obelix as a copy from …
10:10 IPSL-CM6-articles edited by oboucher
10:09 IPSL-CM6-articles edited by oboucher
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