09:01 IPSLCM6/IPSL-CM6A-LR edited by tlurton
Updated a broken URL. (diff)


10:44 Changeset [5910] by acosce
use last rev for config ICOLMDZORINCA with some "cosmetics" modification …
10:43 Changeset [5909] by acosce
add tabulation in inca.card use environment variables for path


12:13 Changeset [5908] by acosce
update config ICOLMDZORINCA
12:10 Changeset [5907] by acosce
update compile script for ICOLMDZORINCA config now regular and ico grid …
12:05 Changeset [5906] by acosce
update regular experiment for ICOLMDZORINCA config
11:05 Changeset [5905] by acosce
modify parameter to calcul 10m winds in inca


09:39 Changeset [5904] by acosce
remove use of 10m winds input files not useful for this configuration
09:35 Changeset [5903] by acosce
Add flag to choose if user want or not regrid output files on case we are …


13:44 Changeset [5902] by asima
Import of member 2 of "piClim-histnat" (Tier 2, hist+SSP245); no double …


21:24 Changeset [5901] by aclsce
Forgot to commit some modifications…
13:58 DossierTechnique_2021.docx attached to PerformancesIPSLCM6 by acosce
11:13 Changeset [5900] by aclsce
Removed run.card.init not needed (will be added thanks to ins_job).
11:11 Changeset [5899] by aclsce
Modified libIGCM and configuration to run XIOS ensembles.


14:42 IPSLCM6/ReunionsQuest edited by jmignot
14:06 Changeset [5898] by aclsce
Updated XIOS version in IPSLCM6.1.9-LR configuration to make the trusting …


19:28 IPSLCM6/ReunionsQuest edited by jdlod
19:27 IPSLCM6/ReunionsQuest edited by jdlod


14:28 PerformancesIPSLCM6 edited by aclsce
14:19 Changeset [5897] by aclsce
Too much cleaning in mod.def : IPSLCM6.1.9 is still needed by the …


17:30 Changeset [5896] by falletti
Update LMDZREPR_v6.2 config for CMIP6 variables
14:00 IPSLCM6/ReunionsQuest edited by jdlod


15:50 Changeset [5895] by acosce
use last revision of LMDZ branch to allow 3d variables in start.nc to have …
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