14:37 Changeset [6137] by jgipsl
- Deactivate Post_1M_histntmNMC as the file itself is not produced in …
14:08 Changeset [6136] by aclsce
Increased the number of models to be coupled within ensembles simulations.
12:03 Changeset [6135] by jgipsl
Remve t2m from list of TS, variable not longer existing in ORCHIDEE_2_2.
12:02 Changeset [6134] by jgipsl
Removed t2m from list of TS in configurations using ORCHIDEE_2_2 or more …
11:51 Changeset [6133] by jgipsl
Homogenization between IPSLCM6.2 and LMDZOR_v6.2
11:22 Changeset [6132] by jgipsl
Update revisions for IPSLCM6.2_work as decided during previous Plateforme …
10:54 Changeset [6131] by aclsce
Modified irene-amd ucx version to avoid crashes at finalization step …
10:26 Changeset [6130] by tlurton
Change of environment in arch.env files for Irene-AMD (v7).
10:23 Changeset [6129] by tlurton
Change of environment in arch.env files for Irene-AMD (v6).


15:12 LMDZOR_v4 edited by asima
m-à-j links to LMDZ nudging info, and to INTERP_NUDGE scripts (diff)
14:22 ESM2025-N-cycle edited by klaurent
13:46 Changeset [6128] by tlurton
Added xios_read=n line in inca.def to support latest versions of INCA.


14:37 ESM2025-N-cycle edited by klaurent


16:58 ESM2025-N-cycle edited by klaurent
15:29 ESM2025-N-cycle edited by klaurent
12:31 Ticket #126 (ORCHIDEE memory check) closed by jgipsl


12:20 IPSLCM6/IPSLCM6.2 edited by oboucher


15:15 ESM2025-N-cycle edited by klaurent


15:31 Changeset [6127] by cetlod
mod.def: update LMDZ & ORCHIDEE revision for CM6.5
15:29 Changeset [6126] by cetlod
CM6.5.1 : update namelist ice


17:31 IPSLCM6 edited by oboucher


17:36 ESM2025-N-cycle edited by klaurent
16:00 ESM2025-N-cycle edited by klaurent
09:57 Changeset [6125] by tlurton
Correcting some faulty parameters in cards for basic CO2AER experiment.


13:58 Changeset [6124] by snguyen
solved bug for some bathymetry files by removing try section and always do …


16:14 Changeset [6123] by snguyen
added .data to define nav_lon, nav_lat in bathymetry. added exception if …


16:15 Changeset [6122] by aclsce
Disabled pack restart and debug for Ensembles simulations (XIOS package).
15:37 Changeset [6121] by cetlod
update CM65 configutations
15:35 Changeset [6120] by cetlod
Remove unused config NEMO_v7_dev
15:33 Changeset [6119] by cetlod
CM651: Create new configuration based on NEMOv4.2


17:01 Changeset [6118] by snguyen
renamed IPSLCM5A2.2_work as IPSLCM5A2_work
16:42 ESM2025-N-cycle edited by klaurent
16:07 Changeset [6117] by jgipsl
- Update orchidee.driver as done in LMDZOR_v6.2 to be easier to use with …
15:54 ESM2025-N-cycle edited by klaurent
15:50 Changeset [6116] by jgipsl
Added file missing file. This file is needed when updating the version of …
15:50 Changeset [6115] by aclsce
Updated revision of ICOLMDZOR configuration.
15:47 Changeset [6114] by aclsce
Copy of field_def_cosp1 was missing.
15:31 Changeset [6113] by acosce
modify names of inca configuration : IPSLCM5A2CHT_work and …
13:53 Changeset [6112] by jgipsl
Added choice of radiation scheme and version of cosp for LMDZ in the main …
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