15:20 Changeset [6567] by acosce
copy tracer.def in Debug directory for INCA configurations
15:06 Changeset [6566] by acosce
update type_trac in case we are running with INCA model
14:25 Changeset [6565] by acosce
add LMDZ routines copy to solve a problem when we are running with inca …


15:35 Pirates2022 edited by jdlod


17:51 Changeset [6564] by falletti
LMDZREPR_v6.2_work update (missing files in REPROBUS)
12:22 Changeset [6563] by falletti
Update of LMDZREPR_v6.2_work to use a copy of StratAer? emission in …
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11:56 Pirates2022/Tuning2023 edited by jmignot
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11:45 Pirates2022/Tuning2023 edited by jmignot
11:41 Changeset [6562] by falletti
LMDZREPR_v6: typo for Hunga Tonga exp. Attempt to change type of lmdz.card …
11:34 Pirates2022/Tuning2023 edited by jmignot
11:31 Pirates2022/Tuning2023 edited by jmignot
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14:21 Changeset [6561] by acosce
update config LMDZORINCA_v6.2_work to use tracer.def instead of …
13:34 Changeset [6560] by acosce
add option to recompile dynamico with "-full"


17:49 Changeset [6559] by falletti
Update LMDZREPR_v6.2_work with the latest version of LMDZ, before starting …
17:41 Changeset [6558] by falletti
LMDZREPR: add of a new experiment to study Hunga Tonga (nudge)


15:51 Changeset [6557] by acosce
modify date in inca.card for piControl simulation (1850 instead of …
15:35 Changeset [6556] by acosce
Add experiment to run IPSLCM6.3 with GES INCA configuration
15:30 Changeset [6555] by acosce
modify start.nc file to take into account a bug on H2O


15:38 Changeset [6554] by acosce
fixe a bug when we are using aerosol_couple with dynamico (in this case we …
15:17 Changeset [6553] by acosce
update inca restart for LR resolution - this new restart.nc file fixe a …
15:03 Changeset [6552] by acosce
remove old versions of ICO configurations, not used any more
14:16 Changeset [6551] by acosce
update IPSLCM6.3_work configuration to run with Inca model
14:13 Changeset [6550] by acosce
Modification of compilation script, to compile with Inca we need to choose …
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16:22 Changeset [6549] by aclsce
Updated IPSLCM6.1.12_LANDN-LR to run on new RH8 TGCC environment.
08:55 Changeset [6548] by acosce
update inca version in IPSLCM7 to fixe a bug on compilation
08:48 Changeset [6547] by acosce
Add INCA environment variables in arch.path for IPSLCM7 compilation


16:44 Changeset [6546] by acosce
Add ICOLMDZORINCA experiments in IPSLCM7 configuration
15:41 Changeset [6545] by acosce
update driver and def to be use with inca model
15:37 Changeset [6544] by acosce
Add INCA compilation Create a link for the executable to not modify the …
15:35 Changeset [6543] by acosce
update inca version in IPSLCM7_work
13:49 Changeset [6542] by acosce
update LMDZORINCA_v6.2_work configuration to compile without external …
13:48 Changeset [6541] by acosce
we don't need any more external sources adapted for redhat8. LMDZ is now …
12:27 Changeset [6540] by acosce
remove * in Debug/ list, to save a concatenation of all out_icosa.err and …


16:11 Pirates2022 edited by jdlod
16:10 Pirates2022 edited by jdlod
11:36 esmbgc edited by cpipsl


15:49 Changeset [6539] by aclsce
Updated IPSLCM6_LANDN to run on new RH8 TGCC environment.
15:48 Changeset [6538] by acosce
Add creation of a link on the last out_compile_ipslcm7.$date file
15:46 Changeset [6537] by acosce
use last version of icosa with new arch_path variables names
15:45 Changeset [6536] by acosce
standardized names for environment variables managed by files arch.path …
15:18 Changeset [6535] by jgipsl
Update IPSLCM6.3_work configuration to be coherent with IPSLCM6.2_work …
15:16 Changeset [6534] by jgipsl
Remove restart files which are not compatible with ORCHIDEE_3.
13:26 Changeset [6533] by jgipsl
Updated as done previously in IPSLCM6.2
12:34 Changeset [6532] by jgipsl
Added modification done in IPSLCM6.2
12:33 Changeset [6531] by jgipsl
Added files from IPSLCM6.2 into IPSLCM6.3
12:27 Changeset [6530] by jgipsl
Update configurations files for IPSLCM6.3 as done in IPSLCM6.2 and in …
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12:10 Pirates2022 edited by jdlod


16:27 Changeset [6529] by acosce
update nudging_dynamico to remove comments on nudging_forcing.nc file for …
11:31 ESM2025-N-cycle/Notebooks_list edited by klaurent
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10:17 ESM2025-N-cycle/Intermediate_conclusions edited by klaurent


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12:07 Changeset [6528] by acosce
update LMDZORINCA_v6.2_work configuration with LMDZ testing 4515
12:02 Changeset [6527] by cetlod
NEMOv6.1 : update CONFIG revision number
11:59 Changeset [6526] by cetlod
NEMOv6 : minor correction (typo)


14:27 Changeset [6525] by jgipsl
Update revision of config files to the latest one. This is needed to load …


17:17 Changeset [6524] by snguyen
minor changes to IPSLCM5A2.2 and IPSLCM5A2_work
17:14 Changeset [6523] by snguyen
update nn_fsbc in namelist_ORCA2_cfg_paleo to keep SBC commensurate with …
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16:48 Pirates2022/Tuning2023 edited by jmignot
16:25 Pirates2022/Tuning2023 edited by jmignot
13:42 Changeset [6522] by jgipsl
Update to use the testing 4515 de LMDZ to follow what is done in …
13:02 esmbgc edited by cpipsl
12:57 esmbgc edited by cpipsl
09:26 Changeset [6521] by jgipsl
Add suffix _orch22 or _orch4 to executable.


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