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    11= Special Issue : IPSLCM5 = 
     7Model description and basic evaluation : 
     9•       Dufresne J.L. et al : The IPSL-CM5A Earth System Model: general description and climate change projections  
     10•       Hourdin F., J-Y Grandpeix, C. Rio, S. Bony, A. Jam, N. Rochetin, L. Fairhead, A. Idelkadi, I. Musat, J-L Dufresne, et al. LMDZ5 "New Physics" : principles and impact on the climate of the IPSL coupled model of a complete refundation of the boundary layer/convection/cloud parameterization.  
     11•       Rio C., J.-Y. Grandpeix, F. Hourdin, N. Rochetin, S. Bony + CNRM + GISS et al. On the control of deep convection by subcloud processes in the LMDZNP model through the Available Lifting Power  
     12•       Voldoire A. et al. The CNRM-CM5 global climate model: description and basic evaluation  
     13•       Salas y Mélia D. and M. Chevallier, The impact of the inclusion of new sea ice processes on the simulation of sea ice by CNRM-CM5 global coupled model".  
     14•       Hourdin F., M-A Foujols, F. Codron, V. Guemas, J-L Dufresne, I. Musat, A. Idelkadi, J. Gatthas, S. Denvil, F. Lott, L. Guez et al From LMDZ4 to LMDZ5 : impact of the atmospheric model grid resolution on the climatology and climate sensitivity in the IPSL coupled model  
     15•       Madec G., O. Marti, J. Mignot, D. Swingedouw et al. evolution of the oceanic module in the IPSL coupled model 
     16•       Szopa S. A. Cozic, M. Shulz, Y. Balkanski, D. Hauglustaine. al. Changes in tropospheric aerosol and reactive gases burdens and concentrations under IPCC-AR5 emission scenarios for 1850-2100  
     18Model evaluation : 
     20•       Cheruy F., J-C Dupont, A. Campoy, A. Ducharne, F. Hourdin, L. Fairhead et al. Day-to-day evaluation with respect Sirta measurements of the various physics of the LMDZ model with a streched grid and nudging  
     21•       Cheruy F., F. Lefebvre, F. Hourdin, Idelkadi, Catarino The toolkit of the evaluation approach of LMDZ over tropical oceans: from SCM idealized cases to 3D approaches.  
     22•       Konsta D., H. Chepfer, JL Dufresne, S. Bony, D. Tanré What do we learn about clouds in climate models... from A-train satellite observations ?  
     23•       S. Fermepin, S. Bony and L. Fairhead Evaluation of the LMDZ/IPSL climate model in a weather prediction mode; Comparisonwith single column model evaluations"  
     25Climate variability and dynamical studies : 
     27•       Traore, F. Hourdin A multi configuration study of the decadal climate variability with LMDZ  
     28•       Duvel J. P. Weak and unorganized tropical intraseasonal perturbations in atmospheric general circulation models: A triggering problem?  
     29•       Kamala K., Y. Peings, P. Terray, H. Douville  ENSO-Indian monsoon teleconnection in the CNRM and IPSL historical simulations  
     30•       Maury P., F. Lott, L. Guez, et J.-P. Duvel Tropical variability and stratospheric equatorial waves in the IPSLCM5 model  
     31•       Cattiaux J., B. Quesada, F. Codron, C. Déandreis, R. Vautard P? Yiou et al. North-Atlantic weather regimes and European temperatures in the IPSL model: sensitivity to atmospheric resolution. 
     32•       Codron F., A. Arakelian, V. Guémas. Impact of horizontal resolution on the eddy-driven jets: mean state and variability  
     33•       Escudier R., J. Mignot and D. Swingedouw Multidecadal variability and air-sea interactions in the subpolar North Atlantic  
     34•       Gastineau G., F. D'Andrea, C. Frankignoul Atmospheric response to the North Atlantic oceanic variability on seasonal to decadal time scale  
     35•       Persechino A., Mignot J., Swingedouw D., Labetoulle, S. and Guilyardi E., Decadal predictability in the thermohaline circulation and climate in the IPSLCM5 model. 
     36•       Parouty S., C. Genthon, G. Krinner, C. Brutel High southern latitudes and Antarctic atmospheric circulation / climate in the IPSL-CM5 model  
     38Analysis of the climate response to external forcings (anthropogenic, paleo, volcanic..) : 
     40•       Geoffroy, O., A. Voldoire, D. Saint-Martin, D. Salas-Mélia Climate sensitivity and radiative feedbacks in the CNRM-CM5 climate model..  
     41•       F. Brient, S. Bony, I Musat, J-L Dufresne Analysis of the physical mechanisms controlling tropical low-cloud feedbacks in the IPSL climate model through a hierarchy of model configurations  
     42•       Bony S. Analysis of the tropical precipitation response to climate change predicted by the IPSL climate model  
     43•       Kageyama M. et al Mid-Holocene and Last Glacial Maximum climate simulations with the IPSL model: new features with the IPSL_CM5 version.  
     44•       Khodri et al. Simulations of recent and historical volcanic eruptions using the IPSLCM5 ocean-atmosphere coupled model  
     45•       J Cattiaux, H Douville, F Chauvin, C Planté Present-day biases and future changes in European temperatures: a pilot study with CNRM and IPSL models.  
     47Earth-System interactions (chemistry, bio-geochemistry): 
     49•       Bekky S. , M. Marchand, F. Lott, L. Guez, F. Lefebvre, et al Ozone forcing of climate models: Importance of ozone diurnal variations in the upper stratosphere and mesosphere 
     50•       Guenet B, Cadule P, Zaehle, Piao, Peylin, Maignan, Ciais, Friedlingstein Does the integration of dynamic N cycle in land surface model improve the long-term trend of LAI and the land surface CO2 exchange ith atmosphere?  
     51•       Seferian et al Simulating marine biogeochemitry in coupled climate models: evaluation and intercomparison of IPSL-CM and CNRM-CM  
     52•       Orr J.C. , R. Seferian, L. Bopp, et al. Differences between anthropogenic perturbations in heat, CO2, and CFC in the IPSL-CM and CNRM-CM earth system models  
     55Regional studies 
     56•       Tripathi O., R. Vautard, et al. Performance of LMDz global CMIP5 historical climate simulations versus downscaled regional simulations using WRF  
     57•       Ribes A., Mounier F. ad Planton S.: Détection attribution in the mediteranean basin.  
     64before May 15th 2011 
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