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Bug on linear interpolation

Normally, the wind stress is interpolated with the bilinear interpolation scheme of the Script library included in OASIS-MCT.

In IPSLCM6 at resolution ORCA1 x LMD 144x144, the bilinear interpolation of the wind stress is bugged. Two NEMO points around 0°N/180°W takes there wind stress values from LMDZ points around 0°N/0°E, and the weights, base on the distance between the source and destination points, are totally wrong..

The bilinear interpolation of OASIS-MCT compute weights and adresses that are written in a file :, or

A python program has been developed. It makes a few corrections of adresses and weights in a copy of the file.

The program will be available soon.

To run the correction, the steps are:

  1. Run the model with bilinear interpolation of the wind stress ;
  1. Check the wind stress fields on the NEMO grid ;
  1. If they are wrong, get the weigths files rmp_tlmd_to_[uv] ;
  1. Correct them with the program. You may need to adapt the program to the bug you observed :-(
  1. Put them in the IGCM repository where the weights file are ;
  1. Use MOZAIC interpolation for the wind stress, using these new weights files.

7 Check the result ;-)

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