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Simulations GeoMIP IPSL

GeoMIP: The Geoengineering Model intercomparison Project

Person in charge : Olivier Boucher, Thibaut Lurton

See for more details on GeoMIP6

See for experiment design and description

Simulations: G1ext, G6solar, G7cirrus representing 350 years of simulations + fixed-SST counterparts, possibly G6sulfur with strat aerosol bin model

Planning: G1ext can be run shortly after abrupt4xCO2 (150 years), G6 and G7 exps have to wait until after scenarioMIP is underway or completed (200 years + fixed-SST exp)

Documentation ES-DOC GeoMIP

Sous-imputation TGCC : geocmip6

Avec IPSLCM6.1

Page du modèle : IPSLCM6/IPSL-CM6A-LR

Simulations :

Tier 1 : G1 | G6sulfur | G6solar | G7cirrus

Tier 2 : piSST-4xCO2-solar | futureSST-4xCO2-solar | G6SST1 | G6SST2-sulfur | G6SST2-solar | G7SST1-cirrus | G7SST2-cirrus

Other : piControl | abrupt-4xCO2 | ssp585 | ssp460 | ssp245

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