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IPSLCM6 development at IPSL

Ocean model

More information about NEMO and IPSLCM6 (login required) : NEMO for CMIP6.

Atmospheric model

Forum to follow LMDZ6 development : lmdz6 forum.

Continental model

This page details the agenda for CMIP6 and the road map for the project group to prepare : the ORCHIDEE versions for CMIP6

IPSLCM6 platform

IPSLCM6 working groups : IPSLCM6

Detailed informations are available here : Running IPSLCM6.

First test of IPCLM6 - LR (ORCA1 LIM3 LMD 144x142 x 79 NP) :

CMIP6 resources

Quantification of HPC ressources : PerformancesIPSLCM6

See: Intranet IPSL dedicated to CMIP6

See: TGCC/curie gencmip6 consumption, jobs and storage or (with ESGF TGCC/curie gencmip6 consumption, jobs and storage.)


  • 1st semester :
    • 5 millions d'heures curie_nf et 270 To
  • 2nd semester :
    • 12 millions d’heures curie, sorties minimales (700 To), cela correspond à 6000 ans de couplé IPSLCM6-LR.
    • 2 millions d’heures ada, sorties normales, cela correspond à 1000 ans de couplé IPSLCM6-LR et cela produit 300 To.


  • ada : 4 millions d'heures
  • curie noeuds fins : 75 millions d'heures