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    120120'''ERROR: 0031-636  User requested or EOF termination of pm_command''' 
     124= How to run LMDZ from the coupled model in forced mode = 
     125The LMDZ executable compiled in the coupled configuration can also be used in forced mode (with or without ORCHIDEE). This is possible for versions from LMDZ4_V3_2 and later. Follow steps below to do this keeping the same modipsl without recompiling the model.  
     1271) Extract the configuration LMDZOR_v4 and place it beside the coupled configuration.  
     129>cd modipsl/config 
     130>svn co LMDZOR_v4 
     132IPSLCM5A  LMDZOR_v4 
     1362) Create the file .resol[[BR]]  
     137While running an experience the file .resol must exist in config/LMDZOR_v4 directory. Normally this file is created after successful compilation but in this case we do not want to recompile so this file as to be created manually. Look in AA_make to see how this file should look like. For example : 
     139config/LMDZOR_v4> cat .resol  
     1443) Change name of executable in CREATE experience[[BR]] 
     145The executable have a slightly different name while compiled in the coupled configuration. Change in config.card in section [Executable] to take the correct name of the executable. The syntax is as follow, change my_name_of_exec :  
     149#D- For each component, Real name of executable, Name of executable for oasis 
     150ATM= (my_name_of_exec, create_etat0_limit.e) 
     1534) Launch the executable in parallel mode in CREATE experience[[BR]] 
     154The create_etat0_limit can be compiled in sequential or parallel mode. The compilation done in the coupled configuration IPSLCM5A is parallel mode. If you run at an SX8 or SX9 machine, this executable has to be launched with mpirun even though it will only run on one process. To do this, modify in the job as follow : 
     156#    if ( [ X${BATCH_NUM_PROC_TOT} != X ] && [ "${BATCH_NUM_PROC_TOT}" -gt 1 ] ) ; then 
     158        eval MPIRUN_OPTIONS=${config_UserChoices_JobRunOptions} 
     159#    else 
     160#        MPIRUN_COMMAND=${MPIRUN_COMMAND:="time "} 
     161#        MPIRUN_OPTIONS=${MPIRUN_OPTIONS:=""} 
     162#    fi 
     1654) No difference for LMDZOR experience 
     168= How to deactivate ORCHIDEE = 
     169The LMDZ executable can run without ORCHIDEE even if it is compiled with ORCHIDEE. Instead the land surface bucket model in LMDZ will be used. To deactivate ORCHIDEE in LMDZ the only difference is to put VEGET=n in run.def. While submitting using libIGCM also the config.card must be modified. Do following in the LMDZOR experience (no difference for CREATE) :[[BR]] 
     171 * config.card : Remove the whole section [SRF] and [SBG] and all lines related to SRF(ORCHIDEE) and SBG(STOMATE) in section [!ListOfComponents] and [Executable]. Now the .cards and .drivers related to ORCHIDEE and STOMATE will not be used.  
     173 * run.def : Modify in PARAM/run.def to VEGET=n