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    140140 otherwise you'll have following error message : '''ERROR: 0031-636  User requested or EOF termination of pm_command''' 
    141141 * Vargas have very little memory per processus. For resolution 96x95x39, you need at least 16processus MPI to be able to run. 
    142  * You must deactivate the filter fft if using branch LMDZ4_AR5 or earlier version of LMDZ. In run.def set '''use_filtre_fft = n'''. 
     142 * The fft filter is not usable for old versions of LMDZ4. Deactivate the filter fft by setting in run.def '''use_filtre_fft = n'''. The fft filter is good to use at vargas since revision 1601 at branch LMDZ4_AR5 and revision 1383 at LMDZ5/trunk.  
    143143 * You should not compile with -O5 at VARGAS. Compile with -O3 or lower optimization. Default compiler xlf is ok with -O3. 
    144144 * Check memory in your job. For higher resolutions you may need to add threads just to have more memory. You must then compile in mpi mode (default for create_etat0_limit.e.para and gcm.e) and not mix mpi_openmpi. In your job, add for exemple '''@ parallel_threads = 2'''. This gives you 2 times more memory per process mpi available and you can multiply data_limit and stack_limit by 2. When adding threads you should remove '''@ resources = !ConsumableCpus(1)'''. For example for resolution 280x280x39 put in your job :