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    v20 v21  
    77/J Ghattas 
    910This configuration is a modified copy of LMDZ4OR_v3. Modifications are :  
    1112- the grille 280x280x39 is added. This grid contains a zoom over Africa[[BR]] 
    12 - the CREATE experience does not have a PARAM directory. In CREATE/COMP/lmdz.card the parameter ''PARAM_DIR'' points to ../LMDZOR/PARAM. 
    1313- only one run directory exist : LMDZOR. This directory can be used for different type of simulation for exemple AMIP interannual or climatolical run. Or nudged run with regular or zoomed grid. Only the .card changes for different run. The PARAM directory and the .driver are the same.  
    16 '''In the CREATE experience''', 2 files exist in double versions : config_card and lmdz.card. Before run a manual copy or link must be done : 
     15= CREATE experience for creation of initial state and interpolating of boundary conditions = 
     16This experience is used to create boundary condition and initial state condition for LMDZ using the executable ce0l.e or create_etat0_limit.e. The CREATE experience does not have a PARAM directory. In CREATE/COMP/lmdz.card the parameter ''PARAM_DIR'' points to ../LMDZOR/PARAM. 
     18'''In the CREATE experience''', 2 cases for the boundary conditions are predefined : Creation using sea-surface temperature(SST) and sea-ice cover(SIC) from climatology AMIP files or for interannual AMIP files. According to the case, do a manual copy or link, for interannual AMIP : 
    1820ln -s config.card_Interannuel config.card; cd COMP; ln -s lmdz.card_Interannuel lmdz.card 
    21 or 
     23or for climtology AMIP : 
    2325ln -s config.card_Climat config.card; cd COMP; ln -s lmdz.card_Climat lmdz.card 
    27 - bug correction for CREATE run with leap calendar (gregorian), in config.card : !CalendarType=leap => in run.def : calend=gregorian 
    29 - scripts for interpolating files for nudging are stored in CREATE/SCRIPT. The script get_era.x is the master that will launch the other 2 (era2gcm.x and add_step.x). 
     28== Boundary conditions using the model output == 
     30To create boundary conditions using output from LMDZ from a previous run do following steps : 
     31NB: it is not possible to use version LMDZ4_AR5 of ce0l. Use version LMDZ5/trunk revision 1508 or later. Once the boundary files are created they can be used also with earlyer versions of LMDZ such as LMDZ4_AR5. 
     33'''Step 1''' [[BR]] 
     34Identify time series for the simulations that will be used and split them into yearly files. For the SST use the variable tsol_oce from LMDZ and for SIC use the variable pourc_sic. The variables should be at monthly time serie format. For exemple for the coupled rcp4.5 simulation at CCRT use files : 
     39To split the time series into yearly files with 12 time steps in each file use cdo. For exemple : 
     41cdo splityear model_output_file_tsol_oce  $WORKDIR/MY_DIR/v3.rcp45.1_tsol_oce_ 
     42cdo splityear model_output_file_pourc_sic $WORKDIR/MY_DIR/v3.rcp45.1_pourc_sic_ 
     45'''Step 1 bis''' 
     46If you whant to create anomaly SST instead of plein model output SST : do it now. See below. 
     48'''Step 2'''[[BR]] 
     49The yearly files are directly usable with the ce0l program revision 1508 LMDZ5/trunk or later. They should be renamed as and before running. The AMIP files must not be in the same run directory, in that case they will be used instead of the model output files. Use the CREATE interannual experience to create the interval of years needed. Change first in lmdz.card_Interannual AMIP yearly files towards yearly time series : 
     52List=   (${R_INIT}/ATM/${config_UserChoices_TagName}/AMIP/amipbc_sst_360x180_${year}.nc,, \ 
     53        (${R_INIT}/ATM/${config_UserChoices_TagName}/AMIP/amipbc_sic_360x180_${year}.nc,, \ 
     58List=   (/the/whole/path/to/the/yearly/files_tosl_oce_${year}.nc,, \ 
     59        (/the/whole/path/to/the/yearly/files_pourc_sic_${year}.nc,, \ 
     63== Interpolating files for nudging == 
     64Script to do this are stored in CREATE/SCRIPT. To interpolated ERA-Interim use the script interp_from_era.ksh. You must first modify the beginning of this script. To interpolated LMDZ model output files use the script interp_from_TS.ksh. Both of these scripts depends on the script era2gcm.ksh. These scripts tested at mercure and ulam.  
     67= LMDZOR experience for running the gcm = 
    3268'''In the LMDZOR experience''', a climat or a AMIP(interannual) experience can be run. Before run a manual copy or link must be done :