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Configuration LMDZOR_v4 =

a configuration under developpement
/J Ghattas

This configuration is a modified copy of LMDZ4OR_v3. Modifications are :

  • the AMIP experience is always a nudged run
  • the grille 280x280x39 is added. This grid contains a zoom over Africa
  • the CREATE experience points to the AMIP/PARAM for all the parameter files, done in lmdz.card

In the CREATE experience, 2 files exist in double versions : config_card and lmdz.card. Before run a manual copy or link must be done :

ln -s config.card_Interannuel config.card; cd COMP; ln -s lmdz.card_Interannuel lmdz.card


ln -s config.card_Climat config.card; cd COMP; ln -s lmdz.card_Climat lmdz.card
  • bug correction for CREATE run with leap calendar (gregorian), in config.card : CalendarType=leap => in run.def : calend=gregorian
  • scripts for interpolating files for nudging are stored in CREATE/SCRIPT. The script get_era.x is the master that will launch the other 2 (era2gcm.x and add_step.x)