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A set of "pseudo-aerosol" input forcing files was generated for testing purposes. Starting from two input aerosol forcing files for years 1850 and 1995, the whole of the historical period was generated yearly, from 1850 to 2014, scaling the aerosol values with the evolution of global emissions of SO2 (as diagnosed from CMIP6 input).

aerosols_YYYY = aerosols_1850 + (E_SO2_YYYY - E_SO2_1850) / (E_SO2_1996 - E_SO2_1850) * (aerosols_1995 - aerosols_1850)

Temporary directory where files can be found: /ccc/scratch/cont003/gencmip6/lurtont/pseudo_aerosols/PSEUDO_AEROSOLS/*.nc

The generation script can be found here: /ccc/scratch/cont003/gencmip6/lurtont/pseudo_aerosols/