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Switching To SVN

May 4th 2007


  • NEMO configuration should work with
    • modipsl acceded through svn, tag v2_1_1
    • IOIPSL acceded through svn, tag v2_1_1
    • NEMO acceded through svn
  • Coupled configurations targeted :
    • IPSLCM4_v2_PAR with :
      • IOIPSL svn
      • CONFIG/IPSLCM4_v2_PAR acceded through svn
      • new scripts based on libIGCM
    • IPSLCM5 with :
      • NEMO


  • NEMO
    • AA_make adaptation
    • NEMO installed definitely on svn
    • tests on brodie, mercure, zahir
  • IPSLCM4_v2_PAR
    • AA_make adaptation, OASIS,
    • ...


  • PATH modified to find svn on IDRIS computers
  • http access for CCRT computers
  • PWD != $(pwd) on differents shells to be tested on mercure

Problems encountered

  • Error message :
    svn: Commit failed (details follow)
    svn: OPTIONS request failed on '/igcmg/svn/CONFIG/trunk/IPSLCM4_v2'
    svn: OPTIONS of '/igcmg/svn/CONFIG/trunk/IPSLCM4_v2': 
    Could not resolve hostname `': 
    Temporary failure in name resolution (

The reason of this error is that you are not administrator (you extracted by using the command "svn co http"). The solution is to extract again by using the administrator command "svn co svn+ssh".

More information under work for developpers