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    6666To submit it you need to use the command '''qsub''', and you can follow your simulation with the command '''qstat -u login''' 
     68## Specific installation of LMDZ ## 
     69 * Download a configuration as default. All LMDZOR_v6 configurations can be used at obelix. Fully coupled model IPSLCM has not been adapted for use at obelix. 
     70 * Change the default compilation from hybrid mode mpi_omp into mpi only. Do this in config/LMDZOR_v6/AA_make on the line makelmdz_fcm by changing "-parallel mpi_omp" into "-parallel mpi". Recreate makefile by executing modipsl/util/ins_make. Compile as usual. 
     71 * Before launching  
     72  * LMDZ has an option set in run.def parameter file to use different filters close to the north and south pole. The default filter set in v6 configurations is the fft filter because this is faster. In the obelix compile options no specific FFT has been added and therefore this option can not be used. It must be changed before running LMDZ. This is done by setting use_filtre_fft=n in LMDZOR_v6/GENERAL/PARAM/run.def file. This directory is copied at each creation of a submit directory by ins_job.  
     73  * Adapt config.card to use only MPI with no OMP. Set for example following: 
     76#D- For each component, Real name of executable, Name of executable for oasis 
     77ATM= (, lmdz.x, 7MPI, 1OMP) 
     78SRF= ("", "") 
     79SBG= ("", "") 
     80IOS= (xios_server.exe, xios.x, 1MPI)