The configurations

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1. What is a configuration?

The IPSL climate modeling suite offers various configurations described in the mod.def file in modipsl/util. Each configuration consists of one or several model components (including the OASIS coupler) and tools. Tools are, for example, libIGCM, XIOS or IOIPSL. The supported configurations use specific versions of each model component. It is however possible to change the version of a model components and the version of the tools. To do so, you must change mod.def.

The supported configurations are maintained and updated by the working groups at the IPSL Climate Modeling Center.

See the supported configurations below and click on the links for details.


  • IPSLCM6.1 : the reference coupled model used for CMIP6 simulations
  • IPSLCM6.2 : this section describes the IPSLCM6.2 version.
  • IPSL-CM5A2-VLR : the fast version of the IPSL Earth System Model, based on recent technical developments and recent releases of each component.
  • IPSL-CM5A2-CHT-VLR : the ESM version of IPSL-CM5A2-VLR, with tropospheric and stratospheric interactiv chemistry and aersosols
  • IPSLCM5_v5 : not supported anymore. The reference coupled model used for CMIP5 simulations including atmosphere, land, ocean, sea ice and carbon cycle. Details on the CMIP5 model and its history (between 2010 and 2012) can be found (in French) (password required at least) and here for its history..


  • LMDZOR_v6.1 : Reference forced atmosphere-land configuration used for CMIP6.
  • LMDZOR_v6.2 : Updated version of LMDZOR_v6.1 with newer model versions under development.
  • LMDZOR_v5 and LMDZOR_v5.2 : not supported anymore. The reference atmosphere-land forced configuration used for CMIP5 simulations.


LMDZORINCA_v6: the atmosphere-land version of IPSLCM6 including tropospheric chemistry


LMDZREPR_v6: the atmosphere-land version of IPSLCM6 including stratospheric chemistry


ICOLMDZOR_v7: Global configuration coupling DYNAMICO-LMDZ-ORCHIDEE


NEMO: ocean-only version including sea ice and marine biogeochemistry


ORCHIDEE_OL: Different offline configurations with the land surface model ORCHIDEE.

9. RegIPSL

RegIPSL: The Regional IPSL climate model

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