IPSL-CM5A2-CHT-VLR configuration

Persons in charge: Anne Cozic, Didier Hauglustaine

1. IPSL-CM5A2-CHT model

IPSL-CM5A2-CHT is an IPSL coupled climate model including atmosphere, land, ocean, sea ice, carbon cycle, and atmospheric chemistry and aerosols. The goal of this model is to introduce interactiv chemistry and aerosols cycle in IPSLCM5A2-VLR version. Main characteritics of this model are the same than IPSLCM5A2-VLR ORCA2-LIM2-PISCES x LMD 96x95x39, old LMDZ physics, ORCHIDEE with Choisnel hydrology (2 layers), we add INCA6 model. This model is available on Irene (TGCC) and JeanZay (IDRIS) supercomputers and benefits from last developments of libIGCM running environment.

IPSL-CM5A2 model includes :

  • model components :
    • LMDZ as atmospheric model ;
    • NEMO as ocean model including sea ice (LIM2) and marine biogeochemistry (PISCES) ;
    • ORCHIDEE as land model ;
    • INCA as atmospheric chemistry and aerosols model ;
  • tools :
    • OASIS3-MCT as parallel coupler ;
    • XIOS 2.0 as I/O library ;
    • libIGCM as running environment (scripts) to run the model and to perform post processing ;

2. Technical details

For all technical details you can report to the IPSLCM5A2-VLR description. We will describe here differences due to Inca model.

2.1. Compilation

To compile you can choose between two target

  • IPSLCM5A2CHT-VLR : compile Inca model to use the configuration NMHC_AER (chemistry and aerosols on troposphere) - For this specific target there is no experiments
  • IPSLCM5A2CHTS-VLR (default) : compile Inca model to use the configuration NMHC_AER_S (chemistry and aerosols on troposphere and stratosphere)

2.2. Experiments

You can choose between two experiments

  • S_historical
  • S_piControl
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