IPSLCM6 configuration

Person in charge: Arnaud Caubel

1. Description of the configuration

IPSLCM6 model is available at different resolutions/configurations :

  • IPSLCM6-LR : LMDZ 144x144x79-ORCHIDEE (CWRR) - NEMO-LIM3-PISCES eORCA1xL75.The resolution of LMDZ is 144x142 (2.5° in longitude and 1.5° in latitude) with 79 vertical levels. The ocean configuration is eORCA1L75 : global ocean with a tripolar grid with one South pole, one North pole above Siberia and one North pole above northern America. The resolution is 1°. In the tropical region, the latitudinal resolution decreases to 1/2°. There are 76 vertical levels, with 1m resolution near the surface, and 200m in the abyss.

IPSLCM6-LR is composed of following components and tools (Oct. 2019) :

#-H- IPSLCM6.1.10-LR IPSLCM6.1.10-LR coupled configuration
#-H- IPSLCM6.1.10-LR 11th IPSLCM6.1-LR version
#-H- IPSLCM6.1.10-LR
#-H- IPSLCM6.1.10-LR NEMOGCM branch nemo_v3_6_STABLE revision 9455
#-H- IPSLCM6.1.10-LR SHACONEMO revision 278
#-H- IPSLCM6.1.10-LR XIOS2 trunk revision 1550 branch xios-2.5
#-H- IPSLCM6.1.10-LR IOIPSL src tags 2_2_4
#-H- IPSLCM6.1.10-LR LMDZ6 LMDZ6/branches/IPSLCM6.0.15 rev 3554
#-H- IPSLCM6.1.10-LR ORCHIDEE version tags/ORCHIDEE_2_0/ORCHIDEE revision 5661
#-H- IPSLCM6.1.10-LR OASIS3-MCT 2.0_branch rev 1818
#-H- IPSLCM6.1.10-LR IPSLCM6 svn 4673
#-H- IPSLCM6.1.10-LR libIGCM trunk rev 1478
#-M- IPSLCM6.1.10-LR
#-C- IPSLCM6.1.10-LR IOIPSL/tags/v2_2_4/src                           HEAD         8 IOIPSL/src     modeles
#-C- IPSLCM6.1.10-LR tags/ORCHIDEE_2_0/ORCHIDEE                       5661        14 ORCHIDEE       modeles
#-C- IPSLCM6.1.10-LR branches/OASIS3-MCT_2.0_branch/oasis3-mct        1818        15 oasis3-mct     .
#-C- IPSLCM6.1.10-LR LMDZ6/branches/IPSLCM6.0.15                      3554        11 LMDZ           modeles
#-C- IPSLCM6.1.10-LR trunk/INCA6                                      825          9 INCA           modeles
#-C- IPSLCM6.1.10-LR CONFIG/UNIFORM/v6/IPSLCM6                        4673         8 IPSLCM6        config
#-C- IPSLCM6.1.10-LR trunk/libIGCM                                    1478        10 libIGCM        .
#-C- IPSLCM6.1.10-LR branches/2015/nemo_v3_6_STABLE/NEMOGCM           9455         7 .              modeles
#-C- IPSLCM6.1.10-LR trunk/ORCA1_LIM3_PISCES                           278        17 .              modeles/NEMOGCM/CONFIG
#-C- IPSLCM6.1.10-LR XIOS/branchs/xios-2.5                            1550        12 XIOS           modeles

2. Technical details

2.1. How to use it

Here are the commands you need to know if you want to retrieve and compile the IPSLCM6 model and if you want to setup and run a piControl experiment (only piControl experiment is available):

svn_ano # svn co modipsl
cd modipsl/util
./model IPSLCM6.1.10-LR
cd ../config/IPSLCM6
gmake IPSLCM6-LR
cp EXPERIMENTS/IPSLCM/piControl_TEST/config.card .
vi config.card # modify JobName (at least) : MYJOBNAME (due to limitation in NEMO, a simulation should have '''less than 39 characters'''), restarts
../../util/ins_job # Check and complete job's header
vi Job_MYJOBNAME # modify PeriodNb, adjust the time, headers ...
ccc_msub  Job_MYJOBNAME # TGCC

This configuration is the reference configuration used for CMIP6 experiment. It allows to activate the "workflow CMIP6" which allows you to satisfy CMIP6 Data Request for a specific experiment (*_CMIP6 experiments). It is also possible to run without workflow CMIP6 (*_TEST experiments). Several experiments are available :

    • piControl_TEST
    • pdControl_TEST
    • dcppAhindcast_CMIP6
    • historical_CMIP6
    • historical_STRATAER
    • piControl-spinup_CMIP6
    • piControl_CMIP6
    • scenario_CMIP6
    • piControl_AER_TEST
    • amip
    • amip_CMIP6
    • amip_nudge
    • clim_360d
    • clim_pdControl
  • LMDZ
    • clim_360d
    • CREATE_amip
    • CREATE_clim_360d

All the information related to the use of the model to run a CMIP6 experiment is available here.

2.2. Computing performances

The basic configuration LR (default configuration) ran smoothly on Curie TGCC and Ada IDRIS machines (not anymore in service) and used 960 computing cores : 12 process for XIOS, 360 processes for NEMO, and 71 MPI processes and 8 OpenMP threads for LMDZ. This configuration allows you to run 16 simulated years per day.

The scalability of IPSLCM6-LR on Irene SKL is:

2.3. Restart files

Default restart files are defined in config.card of each experiment accordingly to the protocol of the experiment. You have to check the default restart files of the experiment you want to use are coherent with what you want to do.

2.4. Output level

By default, only monthly outputs and low output levels are activated in *TEST experiment. CMIP6 experiment uses CMIP6 workflow which generates high output levels accordingly to the CMIP6 Data Request.

2.5. Lengths, frequencies

2.5.1. Period length

Default period length is 1Y, i.e in config.card :


Note that clean_PeriodLength.job will remove last period files, i.e last simulated year files.

2.5.2. Pack Frequency

Default pack frequency is 1Y, i.e in config.card :


2.5.3. Rebuild frequency

Since we run with XIOS (server mode) as output library, the rebuild step is not needed anymore.

2.6. Computing centres

This configuration runs on TGCC-Irene-SKL and at IDRIS-JeanZay.

2.6.1. IDRIS-JeanZay

Because of JeanZay architecture (computing nodes based on sockets of 20 cores), we advice you to use 2, 4, 5, 10 or 20 OpenMP threads for LMDZ-ORCHIDEE component. By default, the number of OpenMP threads defined in config.card is 8. To change that, you have to edit and modify config.card as follows :

#D- For each component, Real name of executable, Name of executable for oasis
ATM= (gcm.e, lmdz.x, 71MPI, 10OMP)

Do not forget to install a new Job (command ins_job) in order to take into account these modifications.

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