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Very Important News

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2021/07/09 Clean of old configurations in mod.def

We cleaned all old configurations in file mod.def that were not supported anymore. 
Removed configurations are : 
- IPSLCM6.0.0-LR => IPSLCM6.0.15 
- IPSLCM6.1.0 => IPSLCM6.1.9 
- LMDZOR_v6.1.2 => LMDZOR_v6.1.9 
- LMDZ5A2.1_ISO 

If you want to checkout a mod.def with all informations on old versions, you can use the 3 following command lines: 
svn co -r 5879 --depth empty
cd util
svn up mod.def

or you can extract all modipsl architecture with the version of mod.def containing old revisions:
svn co -r 5879 modipsl 


2020/05/20 IPSL-CMC workflow adapted to Irene-amd/TGCC

The IPSL-CMC running environment for calculation and post-treatment has now been adapted for use at Irene-amd the new supercomputer at TGCC. Current list of maintained configurations can now be used at Jean-Zay.

The main information related to the use of Irene-amd can be found in the documentation You have first to set up working environment as indicated in the documentation. Note that front-end machines are specific to irene-skl and irene-amd and the connexion method are different. Beware to separate model sources compiled on irene-skl and irene-amd because executables are note compatibles.

A technical control quality have been performed on the IPSLCM6.1.11-LR and IPSLCM6.2_work configurations. A scientific validation has been done on the coupled experiences piControl during 50 years and scenario with the configuration IPSLCM6.1.11. See information about these tests here:
We encourage you strongly to also validate personally the configuration you use. 

The way to use this new supercomputer is very close to Irene-skl machine concerning filesystems, use of modules, compilers as well as method to submit computing jobs. Nevertheless, we draw your attention to the architecture of AMD Rome processor (128 cores per node, 2 Gb per core) that is different from Irene-skl : computing performances are better on Irene-skl, by comparing core to core. See some performances tests here : It is possible to improve computing performances by increasing the number of cores used per process as well as dedicating nodes to perform IOs.The users guide of theses functionailties is available here : Beware the use of these functionalities should increase the hour-consumption of yuo run, that's why their use must be validated by the person in charge of your configuration.

Note for CMIP6 simulations to be run on this machine : you have to modify the config.card as indicated here :

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send them to the list "" so that more people can learn from the answers. You can also answer questions from your colleges at this list. 

2020/04/28 server svn for LMDZ on TGCC

Dear all,

I'm not sure that this information was already give on the plateform_users list.
The svn LMDZ server was modify at the beginning of april. The new one doesn't work on irene, so LMDZ team done a copy of the old one, by consequence if you want to extract a configuration with LMDZ in it on IRENE or IRENE AMD you need to make some modification on file modipsl/util/mod.def before :


#-S- 11 svn

will become

#-S- 11 svn

Have a good day


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