source: XIOS/dev/branch_openmp/arch/arch-X64_CURIE_PGI.env @ 1482

Last change on this file since 1482 was 1482, checked in by yushan, 4 years ago

Branch EP merged with Dev_cmip6 @r1481

File size: 284 bytes
[574]1module load netcdf/
[395]2#module unload intel
3module unload pgi
4module unload gnu
[1482]5module unload boost
6module unload blitz
[574]7module load pgi/14.10
[1482]8module load boost
9module load blitz
[395]13export OMPI_CC=pgcc
14export OMPI_CXX=pgcpp
15export OMPI_F77=pgf77
16export OMPI_FC=pgf95
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