source: XIOS/dev/dev_ym/XIOS_COUPLING/arch/arch-X64_IRENE.env @ 1933

Last change on this file since 1933 was 1933, checked in by ymipsl, 2 years ago

XIOS coupling branch. Switch to openmpi 4 on Irene. Solve a lot of problems for one sided communications...


File size: 492 bytes
1#module unload netcdf-c netcdf-fortran hdf5 flavor perl hdf5 boost blitz mpi gnu
2#module load flavor/hdf5/parallel
3#module load netcdf-fortran/4.4.4
4#module load hdf5/1.8.20
5#module load gnu
6#module load boost
7#module load blitz
8#module load feature/bridge/heterogenous_mpmd
10module purge
11module load flavor/buildcompiler/intel/20
12module load mpi/openmpi/4.0.3
14module load flavor/hdf5/parallel
15module load netcdf-fortran/4.4.4
16module load hdf5/1.8.20
17module load gnu
19module load totalview
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