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1This directory contains the files necessary to set up a Subversion repository
2for the FCM tutorial.
4The "svn.dump" file should be loaded into an empty Subversion repository using
5the "svnadmin load" command.
7The hook scripts in "hooks/" should then be installed in this repository in
8order to prevent any commits to the trunk. Note that the configuration file
9"svnperms.conf" assumes that the tutorial repository is called "tutorial_svn".
10Please edit this file if you use a different name.
12For example (in bash/ksh):
14(shell)$ cd fcm-release/tutorial/ # to this directory
15(shell)$ path_to_tutorial_repos=/path/to/repos/tutorial_svn
16(shell)$ svnadmin create $path_to_tutorial_repos
17(shell)$ svnadmin load $path_to_tutorial_repos <svn.dump
18(shell)$ cp hooks/* $path_to_repos/tutorial_svn/hooks/
20The repository should be configured to allow users write access. You may find
21it easiest to simply allow anonymous access.
23A Trac environment should be configured to be associated with the tutorial
24repository. You then need to allow users write access. You may find it easiest
25to set up a number of guest accounts for this purpose.
Note: See TracBrowser for help on using the repository browser.