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Some modifications of reading/writing interpolation weight from/into a file
There are 3 attributes concerning read/write weights from/into a file

  • write_weight: true/false. Default value: false
  • weight_filename.
  • mode: Default value: compute + read: read from file whose name is weight_filename + compute: compute weights + read_or_compute: if weight_filename already exists, the weights will be read from it; otherwise the weights will be computed

In mode compute and read_or_compute, if there is no weight_filename, a filename whose format will be used for read/write.

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+) Work

File size: 292 bytes
[657]1/* GLOBAL */
[689]3DECLARE_ATTRIBUTE(int, order)
[846]4DECLARE_ATTRIBUTE(bool, renormalize)
6/* Write interpolation weights into file */
8DECLARE_ATTRIBUTE(StdString, weight_filename)
9DECLARE_ATTRIBUTE(bool, write_weight)
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