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Implementing generic transformation algorithm (local commit)

+) Change a little bit to make sure everything work in order

+) test_new_features passe with inverse

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    Software name : XIOS (Xml I/O Server)
    Creation date : January 2009
    Licence : CeCCIL version2
    see license file in root directory : Licence_CeCILL_V2-en.txt
    Holder : CEA/LSCE (Laboratoire des Sciences du CLimat et de l'Environnement)
    CNRS/IPSL (Institut Pierre Simon Laplace)
    Project Manager : Yann Meurdesoif
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1#include "object_template_impl.hpp"
2#include "xios_spl.hpp"
3#include "field.hpp"
4#include "context.hpp"
5#include "file.hpp"
6#include "domain.hpp"
7#include "grid.hpp"
8#include "axis.hpp"
9#include "variable.hpp"
10#include "transformation.hpp"
11#include "inverse_axis.hpp"
12#include "zoom_axis.hpp"
14namespace xios
16  template class CObjectTemplate<CContext>;
17  template class CObjectTemplate<CCalendarWrapper>;
18  template class CObjectTemplate<CField>;
19  template class CObjectTemplate<CFile>;
20  template class CObjectTemplate<CDomain>;
21  template class CObjectTemplate<CGrid>;
22  template class CObjectTemplate<CAxis>;
23  template class CObjectTemplate<CVariable>;
24  template class CObjectTemplate<CInverseAxis>;
25  template class CObjectTemplate<CZoomAxis>;
27  template class CObjectTemplate<CContextGroup>;
28  template class CObjectTemplate<CFieldGroup>;
29  template class CObjectTemplate<CFileGroup>;
30  template class CObjectTemplate<CDomainGroup>;
31  template class CObjectTemplate<CGridGroup>;
32  template class CObjectTemplate<CAxisGroup>;
33  template class CObjectTemplate<CVariableGroup>;
34  template class CObjectTemplate<CInverseAxisGroup>;
35  template class CObjectTemplate<CZoomAxisGroup>;
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