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1Some examples of the use of the SAX API in Fortran.
3Start by looking at the "simple" directory. That will give you a
4feeling for the workings of the parser. Feel free to experiment
5with "malforming" the "test.xml", and to turn on the "verbose"
6flag in the call to "xml_parse" in example.f90.
8"Count" contains a simple yet meaningful application of the parser: counting
9the number of elements of different types in an XML file.
11"Pseudo" is a scaled-down real-world physics application: reading a
12data file and populating internal structures. It showcases the use of
13"build_data_array" to turn homogeneous PCDATA sections into numerical arrays.
15"Features" shows small snippets of all the constructs recognized by the
16parser: treatment of quotes in attributes, standard entities, CDATA sections,
17declarations, comments, etc.
19Alberto Garcia
20wdpgaara at lg ehu es
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