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1April 28, 2004
3* New optional argument "record_size" in open_xmlfile. The default record
4length is 65536, but for overly long lines it might be necessary to specify
5a larger size.
7* Wrote "init_" routines to avoid undefined status for the components
8of the buffer, dictionary, and elstack derived types (Fortran90 restriction).
9They are called just once at the beginning of execution.
11The "reset_" routines just zero out the counters in the derived
12types. This leads to substantial savings in overhead.
14* Avoided when possible the allocation of temporaries (mostly strings) by
15the compilers. This was particularly acute in the "action" records. The
16typical idiom:
18        action =trim("Reading character in name: " // c)
20forced the allocation of a temporary.  The number of compiler allocations
21(at least with NAG) has dropped down to just those needed in the processing
22of entities.
24* Put the explicit module dependencies in the makefile.
26* Increased the standard size of the buffers and dictionaries.
27***** The program now stops when those sizes are not enough.
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