FCM Release Notes

The Flexible Configuration Management (FCM) system is a software system for managing and building source code. It is developed at the Met Office using popular open source tools, (e.g. Subversion, Trac and GNU make).

FCM is distributed under the terms of the FCM LICENSE, which you should receive with this distribution.

FCM is maintained by the FCM team at the Met Office. Please feedback any bug reports or feature requests to us by e-mail.

Current and past release notes:

Released on 2010-01-22. New features and bug fixes.
Released on 2009-02-12. Bug fix release.
Released on 2008-01-30. Major update to the extract and build systems.
Released on 2007-03-22. Bug fix release.
Released on 2006-11-06. First external release of FCM.

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