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(edit) @1039   6 years aclsce - Modified arch files for CICLAD(IPSL) and OBELIX(LSCE) machines.
(edit) @1002   6 years oabramkina UGRID: consistent node and edge numbering for varying number of procs. …
(edit) @986   6 years ymipsl Fix ADA compiling environment YM
(edit) @985   6 years ymipsl Remove netcdf link in arch.fcm file for ADA. YM
(edit) @905   6 years aclsce - LSCE ifort compilation : added -lnetcdff needed for the link.
(edit) @859   6 years ymipsl Add Yellowstone supercomputer arch files YM
(edit) @822   7 years ymipsl Add Occigen arch files YM
(edit) @804   7 years aclsce - Fixed bug in binary filter (pb with aruthmetic operations between 2 …
(edit) @662   7 years aclsce Modified arch config file on Ada IDRIS in order to compile new test_remap …
(edit) @660   7 years mhnguyen Adding interpolation test_remap +) Add new test case for domain …
(edit) @592   7 years aclsce Added arch files for Ciclad machine (IPSL cluster) machine (needed to …
(edit) @591   7 years rlacroix Remove leftovers from the XMLIO age.
(edit) @582   8 years rlacroix Add arch files for building on the Cray XCs using the Cray compiler. …
(edit) @574   8 years rlacroix Update the arch files for Curie: - Update NetCDF to version - …
(edit) @564   8 years rlacroix Add arch files for Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici's …
(edit) @496   8 years ymipsl Add some BlueGene? IBM architecture in arch directory - Turing from IDRIS - …
(edit) @485   8 years aclsce Use of parallel netcdf library on Obelix (LSCE machine).
(edit) @484   8 years aclsce Added compilation options for OBELIX (LSCE) machine.
(edit) @475   9 years aclsce Modified to use Oasis-MCT coupler in coupled mode.
(edit) @469   9 years aclsce Modified the order of module loading for netcdf and hdf5 libraries.
(edit) @442   9 years aclsce Put unload netcdf and hdf5 module to force to use appropriate dynamic …
(edit) @441   9 years aclsce Added arch files for ADA (IDRIS) supercomputer.
(edit) @440   9 years aclsce - Modified Oasis library path in order to use XIOS in IPSL coupled model - …
(edit) @414   10 years ymipsl add HDF5 library path for curie \n YM
(edit) @411   10 years ymipsl modify compiler flag for compiling netcdf internal lib YM
(edit) @402   10 years ymipsl add mechanism for memory tracking => update make_xios and curie arch for …
(edit) @398   10 years ymipsl some fix for Vargas arch files yann
(edit) @397   10 years ymipsl DOS -> Unix for MACOS arch files. YM
(edit) @396   10 years ymipsl Some fix in the arch files. YM
(edit) @395   10 years ymipsl some cleaning and update in arch files. YM
(edit) @390   10 years ymipsl Add Curie architecture file YM
(edit) @370   10 years ymipsl Some Arch update... YM
(edit) @365   10 years ymipsl Vargas arch update YM
(edit) @360   10 years ymipsl netcdf header netcd_par.h is required for some netcdf version. ==> Using …
(edit) @358   10 years ymipsl fichiers arch pour MAC OS YM
(edit) @355   10 years ymipsl Add lynx file architecture (NCAR) for CRAY compiler YM
(edit) @353   10 years ymipsl Add gcc/gfortran support for titane
(edit) @348   10 years ymipsl Add vampir support for titane arch file YM
(edit) @331   11 years ymipsl On IBM xlC, to initialise static data member, you need to link with xlC …
(edit) @329   11 years ymipsl Port to IBM POWER 6 Vargas from IDRIS YM
(edit) @327   11 years ymipsl port to gfortran/g++ YM
(copy) @306   11 years ymipsl Transfert dev/common vers trunk YM
copied from XIOS/dev/common/arch:
(copy) @302   11 years ymipsl XMLIOSERVER devient XIOS !! YM
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