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#70 fixed Flexibility and verbosity of parse_xml ymipsl omamce

2 requests

  • When parse_xml is successful, it returns nothing. Could be a bit puzzling. A message would be appreciated.
  • parse_xml does not take any parameter. The possibility to run something like parse_xml PARAM/iodef.xml would be helpful. In this case, parse_xml should assume that other xml files (included) are in the same directory.



#59 fixed Floating Point Exception when output_frequency < timestep oabramkina ssenesi

If a an output_freq of "2h" is set, my model having a timestep of 3h, XIOS does crash with FPE. Increasing output_freq to 3h 'solves' the problem. A smoother , landing with an an explicit explanantion would be friendlier.

#32 fixed format of interval_operation and interval_write ymipsl smasson

It is a small detail but the format of interval_operation and interval_write are not very nice:

sst:interval_operation = "6.95322e-310y 6.95326e-310mo 4.94066e-324d 2.18879e-314h 6.93518e-310mi 3600s" ;
sst:interval_write = "6.95322e-310y 6.95326e-310mo 4.94066e-324d 2.18879e-314h 6.93518e-310mi 7200s" ;

Would it be possible to remove rounding errors?

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