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#69 fixed Reenforcement of CF compliance for time operation rlacroix ymipsl

1) time units must be conform to UDUnits specification ( )

2) Add cell methods for time operation in field metadata cell_methods = “time_variable_name: online_operation (interval: interval_operation) ex :

float sosstsst(time_counter, y, x) ;

sosstsst:long_name = "sea surface temperature" ; sosstsst:units = "degC" ; sosstsst:online_operation = "average" ; sosstsst:interval_operation = "5760s" ; sosstsst:interval_write = "1mo" ; sosstsst:_FillValue = 1.e+20f ; sosstsst:missing_value = 1.e+20f ; sosstsst:coordinates = "time_centered nav_lon nav_lat" ; sosstsst:cell_methods = "time_centered: mean (interval: 5760s)"

We have a name mapping between xios and Cf compliance : average -> mean instant -> point accumulate -> sum

#70 fixed Flexibility and verbosity of parse_xml ymipsl omamce

2 requests

  • When parse_xml is successful, it returns nothing. Could be a bit puzzling. A message would be appreciated.
  • parse_xml does not take any parameter. The possibility to run something like parse_xml PARAM/iodef.xml would be helpful. In this case, parse_xml should assume that other xml files (included) are in the same directory.



#71 fixed missing "index" attribute for axis mhnguyen ymipsl

For better symetry with domains (i_index and j_index) and in order to be able to describe sparse distribution on axis.

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