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#33 fixed bugfix in attribute_array_impl.hpp? ymipsl smasson

Should the following bugfix be commited?

-bash-4.1$ svn diff
Index: src/attribute_array_impl.hpp
--- src/attribute_array_impl.hpp        (revision 446)
+++ src/attribute_array_impl.hpp        (working copy)
@@ -75,8 +75,12 @@
     template <typename T_numtype, int N_rank>
     void CAttributeArray<T_numtype,N_rank>::setInheritedValue(const CAttributeArray& attr)
-      if (this->isEmpty() && attr.hasInheritedValue()) inheritedValue=attr ;
-     } 
+      if (this->isEmpty() && attr.hasInheritedValue()) 
+      {
+        inheritedValue.resize(attr.shape()) ;
+        inheritedValue=attr ;
+      }
+    } 
     template <typename T_numtype, int N_rank>
     CArray<T_numtype,N_rank> CAttributeArray<T_numtype,N_rank>::getInheritedValue(void) const

#34 fixed check if a context is initialized or not ymipsl smasson

When the model crashes, I need (1) to close properly all contexts and (2) close XIOS. To do this, I need to know if a context was initialized or not (or I need to be able to close a context that was not initialized without creating an error).

#35 fixed More information when error in XML parsing ymipsl ymipsl

Possibility to add the source location when an error is occuring while parsing the XML file.

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