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#111 fixed wrong consistency check in domaion.cpp on ni when data_dim=1 ymipsl ssenesi

domain.cpp reads at line 730 :

      if ((ni.getValue() < 0 || ibegin.getValue() < 0) ||
         ((type_attr::unstructured != type) && ((ibegin.getValue() + ni.getValue()) > ni_glo.getValue())))

while it should be:

      if ((ni.getValue() < 0 || ibegin.getValue() < 0) ||
         ((data_dim.get(Value()== 2 && ((ibegin.getValue() + ni.getValue()) > ni_glo.getValue())))

as you can have data_dim=1 and e.g. type=curvilinear, which breaks the relationship between ni and ni_glo. Another formulation would be to use as a ceiling value for ni :

  • ni_glo if data_dim==2
  • ni_glo * nj_glo if data_dim==1
#113 fixed XIOS attribute to specify netcdf attribute "cell_methods" ymipsl aclsce

For CMIP6 workflow, the user needs to specify by hand, the netcdf attribute "cell_methods", especially when the requested cell_methods attribute is not associated to a XIOS filter. For example : "area: mean where land time: mean". Examples of cell_methids required by CMIP Data Request are here :

#114 fixed Output_freq non initialized do not raise error message ? ymipsl ymipsl

Checking this point that has been reported by S.Farroux

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