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#65 fixed Regression caused by automatic detection of buffer size mhnguyen rlacroix

As far as I can tell the automatic detection of buffer size is causing two issues (closely related):

  • XIOS will raise an error if a context has no enabled output file which it has no good reasons to do.
  • XIOS can fail if internal messages are bigger than the estimated output data.

This can probably be solved by always allocating a buffer with a fixed minimum size we know will always be sufficient to allocate the internal messages.

#66 fixed Regression caused by grid related changes mhnguyen rlacroix

It seems the recent grid related changes have caused a regression which affects the zoom feature. If some processes have nothing to output, XIOS will deadlock. This can be reproduced using the "test_complete" example after r565.

This is possibly caused by the "pseudo-global" communication style used by XIOS, if one client skips the communication with the server, a deadlock will occur.

#67 fixed Add bounds for vertical axis rlacroix ymipsl

Add an optionnal attribute for vertical axis named "bounds" of double array. The dimensions must be [n][2] where n is the size of the axis. If this attribute is present, the bounds must be writen in the nectdf file. For example : If the name of the verical axis is "presniv" : we must have in the file: dimensions:

presnivs = 64 ; presnivs_nbounds=2 ; float presnivs(presnivs) ;

presnivs:units = "Pa" ; presnivs: bounds = "presnivs_bounds"


float presnivs_bounds(presnivs,presnivs_nbounds) ;

This must be also reported into XIOS-2.0

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