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#185 duplicate New bounds rectilinear domain crash domain expand ymipsl jderouillat

Since 2440, domain expand crashes with or without the bounds specification for rectilinear domains :

The error without specifications :

In file "domain.cpp", function "void xios::CDomain::checkBounds()",
  line 1664 -> [ id = __domain_undef_id_1 , context = 'atm ] 
  'bounds_lon_1d' dimension is not compatible with 'nvertex'.
  'bounds_lon_1d' dimension is 4 but nvertex is 2.

CDomainAlgorithmExpand::updateRectilinearDomainAttributes calls fillInRectilinearBoundLonLat if bounds_lon/lat_1d is empty. fillInRectilinearBoundLonLat resizes bounds arrays with const int nvertexValue = 4;

With bounds specifications (uncommenting in generic_testcase), the crashs occurs in CDomain::sendLonLat, where bounds_lonvalue is not defined while hasBounds is true.

#3  0x55cf20882f5a in _ZN4xios7CDomain10sendLonLatEv
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/node/domain.cpp:2497
#4  0x55cf2087fa66 in _ZN4xios7CDomain14sendAttributesEv
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/node/domain.cpp:2270
#5  0x55cf2087a822 in _ZN4xios7CDomain21sendCheckedAttributesEv
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/node/domain.cpp:1953
#6  0x55cf209bed67 in _ZN4xios5CGrid14solveDomainRefEb
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/node/grid.cpp:637
#7  0x55cf209ba593 in _ZN4xios5CGrid18solveDomainAxisRefEb
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/node/grid.cpp:359
#8  0x55cf208de6a6 in _ZN4xios6CField22solveGridDomainAxisRefEb
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/node/field.cpp:1689
#9  0x55cf208d0da3 in _ZN4xios6CField32sendGridComponentOfEnabledFieldsEv
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/node/field.cpp:964
#10  0x55cf209285c8 in _ZN4xios5CFile32sendGridComponentOfEnabledFieldsEv
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/node/file.cpp:861
#11  0x55cf20805b97 in _ZN4xios8CContext37sendGridComponentEnabledFieldsInFilesERKSt6vectorIPNS_5CFileESaIS3_EE
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/node/context.cpp:759
#12  0x55cf208023db in _ZN4xios8CContext30postProcessingGlobalAttributesEv
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/node/context.cpp:632
#13  0x55cf208041cd in _ZN4xios8CContext15closeDefinitionEv
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/node/context.cpp:706
#14  0x55cf20b75c5a in cxios_context_close_definition
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/interface/c/icdata.cpp:124
#15  0x55cf205048cc in __idata_MOD_xios_close_context_definition
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/ppsrc/xios/interface/fortran/idata.f90:718
#16  0x55cf204a435d in model
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/test/generic_testcase.f90:625
#17  0x55cf2047f5c6 in generic_testcase
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/test/generic_testcase.f90:103
#18  0x55cf204a5e5f in main
	at /home/jderouil/XIOS.Src/XIOS2_trunk/src/test/generic_testcase.f90:2

bounds_lonvalue should be set using bounds_lon_1d in CDomain::completeLonLatClient

#43 wontfix Having the possibility of enforcing the addition of a axis to a file ymipsl millour

So far if multiple axes are defined (e.g. axis1, axis2, etc.), but only one is used (e.g.all output fields in file are with axis_ref="axis2"), then it is the only axis written to the file.

Allowing users to specify that alternative axes, although not used, should be included in the output file would be useful.

Maybe by adding a flag output="always" to the axis (or file?) parameters?

#73 wontfix `multiple_file` mode cannot always work in `read` mode rlacroix

XIOS is supposed to be able to open files created in multiple_file mode as long as the number of servers is unmodified.

However XIOS tries to auto-complete the XML by reading attributes from the files. Unfortunately this operation is done on the clients so it fails because the number of clients does not match the expected number of servers.

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