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#73 wontfix `multiple_file` mode cannot always work in `read` mode rlacroix

XIOS is supposed to be able to open files created in multiple_file mode as long as the number of servers is unmodified.

However XIOS tries to auto-complete the XML by reading attributes from the files. Unfortunately this operation is done on the clients so it fails because the number of clients does not match the expected number of servers.

#26 fixed name of coordinate one-dimensional variable ymipsl aclsce

As it is said in CF convention ( "We use this term precisely as it is defined in section 2.3.1 of the NUG 2.3.1 of the NUG . It is a one-dimensional variable with the same name as its dimension [e.g., time(time)], and it is defined as a numeric data type with values that are ordered monotonically. Missing values are not allowed in coordinate variables."

It means we have to rename lon(x) into lon(lon) or x(x) (same for lat and time_counter). Comment : lon(lon) seems better than x(x)...

Thanks !

#146 fixed Need function xios_copy_domain ymipsl ssenesi

A use case for some Surface Models is to have one Xios domain per tile (e.g. for Land, Sea, Town, Lakes ...) which share a single spatial grid but use each a different compression index (data_i_index) For initializing such domains, the cleanest way would be to derive all these domains from a single one, using a 'copy_domain' function

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