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#101 fixed __field_undef_id as name of variable with Time Series mhnguyen aclsce

If no "name" attribute is specified, the name of variable used in Time Series file is "__field_undef_id" instead of the id of the variable. Example : <field id="flat" long_name="Latent heat flux" unit="W/m2" /> ... <file id="histday" timeseries="both" ts_prefix="TS_atm" >

<field field_ref="flat" level="1" />

... gives the following file : netcdf TS_atm_flat_20000101-20000131 { ...

float __field_undef_id_92(time_counter, lat, lon) ;

__field_undef_id_92:long_name = "Sensible heat flux" ; __field_undef_id_92:units = "W/m2" ; __field_undef_id_92:online_operation = "average" ; __field_undef_id_92:interval_operation = "600 s" ; __field_undef_id_92:interval_write = "1 d" ; __field_undef_id_92:cell_methods = "time: mean (interval: 600 s)" ; __field_undef_id_92:_FillValue = 9.96921e+36f ; __field_undef_id_92:missing_value = 9.96921e+36f ; __field_undef_id_92:coordinates = "time_centered" ;


#102 fixed Global/local attributes in TS files rlacroix aclsce

Global/local attributes defined for a file are not reported in Time Series files. Example :

<file name="file1" output_freq="1d" timeseries="both" >

<variable id="project_id" type="string" > CMIP6/CMIP6 </variable> <field field_ref="soce" name="soce">


The file "" contains :project_id = "CMIP6/CMIP6" ; whereas in TS file "" there is no : :project_id = "CMIP6/CMIP6" ;

#103 fixed Add attribute 'comment' to all objects ? ymipsl ssenesi

For the sake of documenting xml files and their components, it would be helpful to be able to insert comment strings for every object, INSIDE the brackets enclosing the object. Maybe there is an XML syntax for that ? Otherwise, adding a 'comment' attribute would fit.

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