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#95 fixed Alternate, sensible, convention for lonvalue_1d when data_dim=1, for a rectilinear domain ymipsl ssenesi

In domain.cpp, for the case of a rectilinear domain, completeLonLatClient uses lonvalue_1D with an implicit assumption that the distribution also is recti-linear (i.e. that each MPI tasks does process a rectangle in the lat-lon space)

This does not apply when data_dim=1 and the distribution follows another scheme.

The attached version of domain.cpp, domain_new.cpp, is a proposal for an alternate convention in that case : lonvalue_1d and latvalue_1d are then interpreted as providing arrays which are parallel to the data arrays (which is more intuitive in that data_dim=1 case)

#97 fixed Release 902 unconditionally prints debug messages ymipsl ssenesi

Attached files do fix it

#98 fixed Issue with DHT when the number of indexes is lower than the number of clients mhnguyen rlacroix

This can be reproduced using test_client.exe. The axis has 5 elements but as soon as you use more than 5 servers, the axis size used when computing the indexes will become equal to the number of clients.

The problem lies somewhere in CClientClientDHTInt class or in one of the classes it uses but I'm not familiar with this code so it would be easier if you could have a look at the issue.

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